The Association promotes a wide range of competitions for the benefit of its members and affiliated organisations. These come in two forms: meetings and postal competitions.

The National Meetings offer shooters the opportunity to get together on a range and take part in shoulder-to-shoulder matches. The advantage of this type of competition is its fairness, as the participants all have to fire under the same shooting conditions. Apart from the NSRA's own championship meetings, some clubs, county associations and other bodies also organise them. Many are listed in the Open Meetings calendar in this section of the site.

However, the majority of competitive shooting takes place on a postal basis, with each competitor or team shooting their cards on their home range and then sending them away to an independent scorer who scores the cards and declares the result of the match. Whilst the shooting conditions may not be completely equal between opponents, postal competition does allow shooters anywhere in the country to compete against others who may be many hundreds of miles away. Whether the level of a shooter's ability is only modest or is at the highest level, everyone can take part in events that are truly national.

The Association's Postal Competition programme is in the final stage of being up-dated and will be added to this section of the site as soon as that work is completed.

For the majority of competitions run by the NSRA shooters are divided into classes (at National Meetings) or divisions (postal leagues), so individuals or teams are generally competing against those of a similar standard.

Bisley Rifle Meeting

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