This guide is to help administrators of NSRA affiliated clubs to use the new NSRA Membership & Events portal. The primary focus is on club affiliation.

Where do I go to Login?

The new Membership & Events portal for NSRA can be accessed using the secure link below:-

Do I need to complete all the paper forms?

No, GoMembership will enable an online affiliation to the NSRA. Whilst the first time may take a little longer, subsequent years will be a much quicker process. That said, our first Club and County to renew reported much quicker renewal times that the paper method.

How do I Get Help?

You can always get help by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling 01483 485500.
This guide gives you step by step instructions covering the steps you need to follow.
When you are in the GoMembership system, there are also generic help guides available.

Is the System Easy to Use?

Yes, by following the steps in this document you will be able to complete your affiliation renewal. Before you did this renewal on paper. Now, you are completing the same information online saving you time and postal costs.
But, please don’t worry, if you need help email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 01483 485500 and we will be happy to help.

What do I need to do?

You can either download the PDF Club Admin Guide with the link below, or continue to read it online.  

  1. Reset my Password
  2. Login to GoMembership
  3. Check your Club Details
  4. Update your Club Details
  5. Check your Club members
  6. Add New Club members
  7. Renew your Club Affilliation
  8. Renewing club members’ NSRA Membership
  9. Change Roles for my members

Reset my Password

You should have received an email giving your username. Alternatively, maybe you created the account yourself, in which case you will know your username.
Your email address is where you will get all the notifications so it is crucial to have it up to date in the GoMembership system.

  1. Go to NSRA GoMembership page:
  2. Type in your username, it will be on the email you received, it’s usually your email address
  3. Then click on Forgot Password? to get in your email instructions on how to create a new password

NOTE: you can also use your username, NSRA member ID or email address (if its unique) to request your password.
If you don’t receive an email, after checking your junk folder, then you can contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who should be able to help.


Login to GoMembership

After resetting your password, type your username and password and click on Log In.
You will first be presented with Opt-ins and any agreements to confirm.
The opt-ins will allow you to opt-in to certain communication emails from NSRA.
On successful login, you will be taken straight to your Profile page.


Check your Club Details

As a club administrator, you will find in the menu a section called My Club . From these tiles, you will
administer the club, county, region or association. Each organisation has a different club type.

  1. First thing you need to do is to check your club information, you can do this through the Club Profiles tile.

    My Club

  2. If you are an administrator for more than one club make sure you are checking the right club. You can always select another club by using the Switch button.

    Club Switch

Update your Club Details

  1. In the Club Profile tab, you can use the Update Details button to change the address details. From that page, you can also upload a club logo by clicking on the Camera icon.
    PLEASE NOTE: the address that you use for your club will be visible on the club finder which members can see.

    Club Profile

  2. Then, you need to check and complete as much of the missing data as possible from the Club Details section. There are further Sub-tabs where data can be checked and updated if needed.
    Doing the changes here will speed up the actual club affiliation process.

    Club Profile b


Check your Club Members

Now you need to check if your members are linked to your club.
Here is what you need to consider:

  • Remove the members you don’t want to show in your club.
  • Keep the members that you want (even if they may have lapsed, but that you still want them
    to be linked to your club).
  • Any that you have to notify NSRA (e.g. unfortunately decreased), then you need to delink
    and ask to have them marked as deceased in the database; NSRA are able to remove
    members if required.

Club Members

Once you have done this, you will now have a group of people that should be linked to your club.

Add New Club members

If you notice some people missing, you have 2 options to add them to your club.

  1. Add the new member manually, by clicking on the Add New Member button and completing the form with the new member information. This is the best option if you have a few members missing.

    Add New Member

  2. Upload them from a spreadsheet. Through the menu, under My Club, you will see a tile for Data Import

    Data Import

    Always make sure that you are importing member to the right club by checking the name of the club in the top right corner. You can switch the club by clicking on the arrows.

    Data Import2

    Download the template spreadsheet. This shows all the field that can be imported against a member. Only the fields marked with an * are mandatory.
    Complete the spreadsheet with your new member data and import this by uploading the spreadsheet. The system will tell you if an error occurs. Nothing will be imported if there are errors, so the file needs to be corrected, reuploaded and the data will then load in.

You can use both methods on an ongoing basis to keep your club members up to date. If you do this, the affiliation renewal will be very quick. It also gives you a location to hold all your club members in one place that can be shared with other club administrators, if required.

After importing the members, you can go back to Club Members , you will see all your members linked to your club.


Renew your Club Affiliation

  1. Select Club Affiliation from the menu.

    My Club Club Affiliation

  2. Make sure you select the right club with the Switcher if you are an administrator for more than
    one club.

    Club Switch

  3. Select your Category

    Select Club Category

  4. Select Renew or Add your Membership

    Club Renew

  5. Choose your membership

    Choose Club Membership

  6. Complete the Affiliation form
    A few questions are asked as part of the affiliation process. These should be completed.
    For the policy documents, these require the documents to be uploaded.

    Policy Documents

  7. Progress to pay for the affiliation.

    Club Payment

  8. Be aware that if you are paying by bank, you personally may have a mandate. If you select this it will come out of your bank.
    If you need to select a different mandate for the club, you’ll need to select that and enter club bank details.
    Whenever you purchase things again, it will always check which mandate you want to use.

Renewing club members’ NSRA Membership

In the same way you did in the paper form, it is possible to renew individual membership as a club administrator. You may do this on your members behalf if you include members’ NSRA membership within your club membership for example.

From the Club Members tile, you have two options to renew – bulk renew or individual renew.

  1. Individual Membership Purchase
    You can help your members by purchasing membership to the NSRA. This will save the member having to do this. By double-clicking a member profile, you will find the Go to Membership option where you can purchase a membership for your member.

    Club Ind Membership1

    Select the desired membership and follow the regular process to purchase this.

    Club Ind Membership2

    You can repeat the same procedure to buy a membership for multiple members. After adding a membership to the cart, click on Save and Continue to go back to Club Members, then select the next member you wish to buy membership for, repeating the same steps until you are ready to pay.
    You can check which members you already have selected in the member membership status.

    Club Ind Membership3

  2. If your members already have had or still have membership then you can use the Bulk Renew option. This is a faster way of rolling over existing members’ membership.
    You do this by selecting the Bulk Renew option. This is ideal if your members already hold membership which you are simply rolling over to the next year.

    Club Ind Membership4

    Then select the members due to renewal, proceed to the cart and follow the standard payment procedure. For those where the system tells you they are not eligible for bulk renew, you need to purchase the membership on an individual basis as described above. This happens is the current membership they hold is no longer available or they are no longer eligible for it.

  3. Progress to the Cart and Pay.
    After adding all memberships to the cart, proceed to payment following the regular payment steps to finish your purchase. Note, you don’t have to do the purchase all in one go, so you can complete some membership purchases and come back at a later stage to do the rest.

    Club Ind Membership5

    Club Ind Membership6

Change Roles for my members

You can assign roles to your members at any time. The system will do this automatically through the affiliation process, but you can also assign new club administrators, who will be assigned full admin rights to the system or assign different roles, such as Witness.

From the club members tile, when you select the member you will see different options. Club Role will allow you to assign different roles to your members.

Change Club Roles

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