Following requests from NSRA Qualified Coaches, we have organised an upgrade to the NSRA Insurance to cover paid activities.

Our brokers, Bluefin Sport, have spoken to the insurers, AXA XL, and they have agreed to extend cover for individual coaches to operate on a commercial basis providing they do not earn over £25,000 per annum. There will be no additional premium for this but the individuals must at all times follow NSRA guidelines, making sure their activities are in alignment with NSRA Policies and Procedures.

This would not cover those with employees that are in essence part of a full commercial operation, similar to that of a clay pigeon shooting school.

After V-DAY yesterday we have our own exciting news to announce which is from this Friday 11th December the following LRC Ranges will reopen.

  • 50m Outdoor
  • 25m Outdoor
  • 25yds Indoor
  • 10m Whizzers
These ranges will be open on the following dates:
  • Friday 11th December 2020
  • Saturday 12th December
  • Sunday 13th December
  • Thursday 17th December
  • Friday 18th December
  • Saturday 19th December
  • Sunday 20th  December
  • Monday 21st December
  • Tuesday 22nd December
  • Wednesday 23rd December

This consultation seeks views on a range of firearms safety issues which were raised with the government during the passage of the Offensive Weapons Act 2019. It contains proposals for how the law might be changed to mitigate the risks raised by these issues. It includes proposals for further, targeted controls on the security of air weapons and access to them by under-18s in England and Wales.Firearms law is kept under review to ensure it addresses emerging risks to public safety. This consultation seeks views on the following firearms safety issues which were raised with the Government during the passage of the Offensive Weapons Act 2019 through Parliament:

High muzzle energy rifles
Air weapons
Miniature rifle ranges
Components of ammunition

For more information and to participate

British Shooting have published the results of some interesting research into the benefits the Talent/Performance Pathway delivers for disabled shooters. It makes for interesting reading and will provide great encouragement to everybody involved in the sport with some positive news in this troubled year.

Click here for more information

"If you want to practice consistency, this is the sport for you"

Crossbow Update - No 1

Welcome to what is hoped will be a regular update from the world of NSRA Target Crossbow.

In the recent survey of shooting habits etc, 82 of you indicated that they took part in crossbow in some way or other. We would like to support this participation and increase our number by providing opportunities for you to take part in competitions and hopefully in the future take part in European and World events.

If you have questions concerning these critical safety areas please refer to the Firearms Security Handbook 2019 which can be downloaded by using the following link

NSRA Rifle Committee.    

Pulling together whilst staying apart.


British Benchrest Championships - As reported in the Briefing No 3, this event has been shot at the Lord Roberts Centre, the course of fire being 60 shots each at 25 yds and 50 metres.  The 50 metres Championship has been shot on electronic targets, while the 25yds has been shot on paper targets. In 2019 we had only 9 competitors.

I asked for ideas for how we can we involve more shooters and I received this one interesting reply suggesting that we run Benchrest Championships on a de-centralised County basis.

Having left the European Union and as we approach the end of the Transition Period please Click Here to read the latest information concerning EFR effective 1 January  2021. We will of course keep you updated with any additional information when it becomes available.


Screenshot 2020 10 17 at 10.14.18

We are pleased to confirm competitors who are NSRA Members can shoot on any range as their insurance is “portable”. Don’t forget entries close this Wednesday, 7 October at 23.59 so if you need an entry form Click Here


Information from British Shooting:


  • Round 1 will be extended to 1st Dec. (Entries accepted until midnight). Regional Awards for Individuals and Teams will be awarded at this point. Individuals and Teams will qualify for the National Final at this point.
  • Removal of Round 2
  • National Final - This will take place on 3 separate evenings (one evening per age group) Juniors: Tues 9th, Inters: Wed 10th, Seniors: Thurs 11thFeb. (Pre event training on Wed 3rd Feb for all finalists). 
  •  The National Final will take place via a readily available platform to enable “live” participation. Athletes will be able to join remotely, to participate at the same time.  

The NSRA has for many years supported Junior National Squads for both rifle and pistol disciplines. The last development of these was the NSRA GB Talent Squads for both rifle and pistol which prepared shooters for an appropriate level of international competition and then on to enter the British Shooting World Class Programme National Academy.

British Shooting has now introduced squads which not only occupy the space in which the NSRA GB Talent Squads operate, but also a development layer below them. This obviously involves a number of the current performers at this level but also some of the coaches that support them.

These Squads are named the British Shooting Talent Academy and beneath it the British Shooting Development Academies.

We are about to launch Phase 2 of our series of Organisational Change Surveys. You will recall the first of these was sent to individual members and available to the wider shooting community so we could motivate as many responses as possible. Nearly 4000 of you did so and the results of that survey will appear in the next issue of On Target and online later this week. We were delighted with how many of you rose to the challenge so THANK YOU!

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