Though the SMRC’s 1922 Meeting was the first at Bisley, the course of fire for the Grand Aggregate remained unchanged from that at the previous meetings in Scotland and elsewhere round the country.

The course of fourteen 10-shot cards comprised 30 shots at 25 yards, 50 shots at 50 yards, 40 shots at 100 yards, plus 10 shots in 90 seconds at each of 25 and 50 yards. Yes, the Grand Aggregate included rapid fire shooting!

The winner was A Jarman of Grimsby Central, an easily identifiable character on the range in his wide flat hat. Although he won only one of the six competitions in the Aggregate, his score was an impressive 1379 ex 1400, seven points ahead of the runner-up and 16 points ahead of third. Perhaps not surprisingly, Jarman’s score beat the record for the Aggregate by four points, the previous mark having been set two months earlier by A J Bayley of Lee at the London Meeting held on the Ham & Petersham Rifle Club ranges.


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