News Release

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The Competitions Department are pleased to announce that from Monday 16th August, the Online Results Portal will be available to all for viewing results. Individuals will be able to see their scores from the Winter 20/21 leagues and be able to view the scores as they are published in the Summer 2021 leagues and competitions.

To find the Portal, please visit on your browser– you will not need a login or password to view the results. Please enter this in the address bar of your browser, not in the search bar or it will take you to the N.S.R.A. Website!

County Associations and Clubs will very soon have the ability to use the portal to enter teams and individual competitors in the majority of the Winter 21/22 leagues and competitions.  Payment, however, will still have to be made via telephone or cheque.  An online payment function is planned for the near future so that you will be able to have a one-stop website enabling Club and County Secretaries to be able to complete the entries in a single visit.

Local Scoring will also be in place very soon (once the scorers are trained to use the system) to relieve clubs of the expense of posting shot cards to central scorers for the Summer 2021 postal competitions, and to provide the scores to the shooters and Club Captains/Secretaries as soon as they become available.

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