Last month, the prevalence of the COVID-19 ‘Delta’ variant caused the various administrations to delay their easing of COVID-19 restrictions. As a result, many shooters have not been able to access their range as frequently as they had planned, which has impacted on the volume of cards they have been able to shoot. Although the majority of the administrations have now eased, to varying degrees, their COVID-19 restrictions, many clubs, ranges and shooters will be concerned by the continuing rise in COVID-19 case numbers. Consequently, the NSRA understand that this will mean many will continue to operate with at least some COVID-secure measures in place. Hence it is likely that the volume of shooting will continue to be impacted to some degree. With this is mind, the NSRA Competitions Department have decided to apply a blanket extension to all 2021 Summer Postal Leagues.

Leagues: Rounds 1 – 5 to be shot by 30th August and rounds 6-10 Shot by 11th October.

Staged Postal Competitions: all sets/stages to be shot by 11th October.

Summer ShootingThe dates have been carefully chosen, because like most, if not all competitive shooters, the NSRA Competitions Department wish for the various leagues, and staged postal competitions to return to a somewhat more normal, manageable format, without overlapping seasons. Furthermore, there is the real possibility that should there be an increase in COVID-19 cases, restrictions could be reintroduced, which could severely impact the competition season. If severely limiting restrictions were to be imposed once more, the 2021 Summer Postal Leagues would not be extended into the 2021-22 winter competition season. Instead, as was done with the Winter 2020-21 Postal Leagues, the 2021 Summer Postal Leagues would be curtailed at the end of Round 5. This will ensure that a viable league will have been able to take place, as each team/individual will have shot against all other teams/individuals in their league once. This is a step the NSRA Competitions Department would rather not take; however, a pragmatic approach is necessary should the situation dictate. So, barring any severely restrictive measures imposed on shooters prior to 31st August 2021, no further blanket extensions will be granted for the 2021 summer competition season.

These dates will ensure the timely publication of results, processing of awards, and that future postal competitions return to a normal, manageable schedule.

I urge all clubs and ranges to provide the best access they can to their facilities, so that individuals are able to complete their competition cards, especially over the next 6 weeks, as the completion of rounds 1-5 is paramount. In addition, all competitors are encouraged to use their best endeavours to get all their competition cards shot in good time.

Please note, that unless a competition is cancelled in its entirety, the NSRA are not able to offer any refunds.

For clarity, individuals who have entered the 2021 Wakefield Postal Trial and have elected to shoot concurrent with competition 103/303, the shoot by date of Monday 16th August remains.

Steve Downes
Shooting Manager

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