Shooting Manager, Steve Downes announces the launch of National Long-Range Rifle Competition

Long Range Rifle Shooting

I’m sure many of you have already heard the rumour that a Long-Range rifle competition is being planned.  We are pleased today to be able to announce that this is no longer a rumour, and the competition will be running throughout August, with a finals Weekend in September.

There will be six Qualifying events at venues around the country – Appleton, Budleigh Farm, Coxwold, Denwood, Sywell and Worplesdon (yes, I did put them in alphabetical order!).  Each of these venues will be running a Double Dewar, in Classes X to D and prizes will be awarded to the top 3 in each class (subject to entries) at each venue.  In addition to this the top 3 in each class will be invited to the National Class Final, which will be held at Sywell.  (If you shoot at more than 1 venue and gain a top 3 placing more than once, then only the first finals invite will be awarded to you.  Your second and any subsequent ‘quota places’ will be given to the highest scoring competitor in the class who does not already have a finals invite) - Also, there will be an invite for the top scoring 40 competitors selected from all the regions (approx.. 7 from each regional event) for a Championship style final also to be held at Sywell. 

The final will run over 2 days – Saturday 11th September will be the final for the top 3 from each Class, in classes. (i.e. max 18 in each class) and prizes again be awarded in each class for the top 3 scores in each class.  On the Sunday (12th September) there will be a Championship style final for the overall top 40 scoring competitors from each of the ‘regional’ events.  Prizes will be awarded to the top 4 scores from this final.

Best of all, the finals will be free! Once you have paid for your regional entry (£20) for the event, if you qualify, then you will be invited to compete in the Finals, free, gratis!!

Below you will find the entry forms for the 6 venues – as this looks like a popular event, please ensure that you get your entry form and payment submitted to the venue of your choice as soon as possible to secure your place!

Steve Downes

Shooting Manager

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