2021 is looking to be another year of uncertainty. Unfortunately, this means it is not possible currently to confirm the competitions calendar for the year ahead. We are currently in the planning processes for the majority of the usual competitions; however as you will appreciate, the likelihood of them proceeding depends on many factors outside of our control. Where possible, we will be as flexible and reasonable as we can to try and enable competitions to take place. We also are aware that Covid19 could, in some scenarios, prove to be an insurmountable hurdle.

To assist your planning for this year, our current thoughts regarding the competition schedule are shown in the table below. We ask that you read this carefully. We regret that the below table is not yet complete, but updates will follow once more information is available. For the most up to date information please regularly check the NSRA website and social media.

It is highly likely that those competitions that do go ahead this year will be subject to some form of Covid19 restrictions i.e., social distancing and PPE requirements etc.

Postal Competitions:

We would encourage competitors to get their cards shot as soon as restrictions are eased to allow ranges to reopen.

As you will see in the table below, many of the Winter Postal Leagues have unfortunately been reduced to 5 rounds. Throughout the pandemic, we have tried to be as flexible as we can to facilitate shooting for as many people as possible. This very much remains the case. We are aware of the many challenges that shooters will face in the months ahead and after careful consideration of the points outlined below, it was decided that reducing the leagues to 5 rounds would provide the best opportunity for individuals and teams across the country to complete the competitions.

  • When Covid19 restrictions allowed shooting to take place, many ranges had a severely reduced operating capacity due to social distancing requirements. It is likely that, once shooting is allowed to resume, these requirements will be in place for the foreseeable future. Consequently, many competitors will continue to have limited range access, which will heavily reduce the amount of shooting they are able to do.
  • Tier 4 restrictions imposed on large areas of the country and the subsequent national lockdown had made it very difficult for some competitors to even start the season. We want to provide the best possible opportunity for the leagues to be completed by as many competitors from across the country as practicable.  
  • Many of the teams and individuals who enter NSRA leagues also enter other leagues. When restrictions allow for shooting to resume, there will likely be a large number of cards to shoot in a compressed period. This could mean some will be unable to complete their competitions, which would have a negative impact on the league for all involved. In addition, the sheer number of cards to complete would mean that some would likely have to be “rattled off”, which is not conducive to good and enjoyable shooting. We want to provide everyone with the chance to be able to perform to the best of their abilities in these important competitions.  
  • It is probable that the latest lockdown will be with us for some time. Even when it is eased there is a chance that it might not be possible for indoor shooting, which makes up the bulk of the Winter Leagues to resume at that point, which will add further delay.  
  • Any further delay will overlap the summer season. A suggestion was made to continue with all 10 rounds for the Winter Leagues by cancelling the summer season and extending the Winter League deadline until the end of summer. The Summer competitions in most cases take place on outdoor ranges which are more likely to be Covid accessible. This should provide the best opportunity for some much-missed shooting and competition. Also, there are some clubs that only have access to outdoor ranges and cancelling the summer season would deprive them of the opportunity to compete in the NSRA leagues.  
  • The leagues are designed so that every individual/team in a division shoots against every other individual/team in their division. In order to maintain this key element of the competition, it meant that the leagues had to be either 5 or 10 rounds.  
  • As the fixed costs for the leagues remain the same whether it is 5 or 10 rounds, it will not be possible to refund any entry fees. The prizes will remain the same and there are still viable leagues, where each individual/team competes against every other individual/team in their division.

As you can appreciate, all aspects of the Covid19 pandemic are heavily impacting our staffing levels, particularly the current government guidance and latest restrictions, which have resulted in limited access to the NSRA offices. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience this has caused and we are incredibly grateful to all our members and competitors for your continued patience.

Please note, all dates in the table below are the current plan and are subject to ongoing review depending on pandemic restrictions.

*An announcement that a Meeting will proceed is not a guarantee that the event will run; each event’s ability to proceed is entirely subject to the Covid19 restrictions that will be in place at the time. Therefore, please bear in mind that it might be necessary to cancel events at short notice.


ALL ELEY 2019/2020 Finals
To be shot by 31st May 2021.
2020/2021 Winter Postal Leagues
Club: 203, 205, 210, 212, 250, 260, 280, 290
County: 605, 610, 612, 614, 651, 660, 665, 670, 680, 690
Individual: 404, 405, 406, 410, 442, 453, 465, 470, 499
Reduced to rounds 1-5 only, to be shot by 31st May 2021.
(Please refer to stickers & paperwork to cross-reference competition numbers with their names)
Other 2020/2021 Winter Postal Competitions British Individual Championship (421)
Scottish Individual Championship (422)
Stage 1 to be shot by 31st May 2021. 
Dates for the Finals will be published on website & social media.
Women’s Short Range Championships (423)
To be shot by 31st May 2021.
Knockout Competitions
Club: 220, 221, 222, 223
County: 621, 671
Cancelled - insufficient time to complete.
Entries will be carried forward to Winter 2021/22.
Individual & Team Competitions (shot in sets):
230, 231, 450, 452,  460, 480, 494, 663, 683
All sets to be shot by 31st May 2021.
ELEY 2020/2021
Entries will continue to be accepted due to the conditions prevailing in the Guildford/Woking area. Closing date will be published on website & social media.
Stickers & paperwork will be distributed as soon as staffing allows. 
There will be a First Stage to be shot by 31st May, with Finals TBC as Shoulder to Shoulder or Postal (no Second Stage).
Winter Crossbow League
Reduced to rounds 1-5 only, to be shot by 31st May 2021.
BOAG 2021
Postal Event.
Entries close on 31st March
Qualifiers shoot between 1st April and 31st May 
Proposed Postal Final last 2 weeks in June (TBC)
Summer 2021 Postal Leagues and Competitions
Entry forms and dates to follow, please check the website and social media.
It is expected that the NSRA will run a reduced calendar of leagues based on entries received.
NSRA ISSF 50m Meeting
International Matches (Rifle & Pistol)
Information to follow on the website and social media; some matches may have to revert to postal format as per 2020.
British Benchrest Championships
Announcement February/March, please check the website and social media.
Scottish Rifle Meeting
Junior International (Bisley)
National Rifle Meeting (Bisley)
VI Championships
Information to follow, please check the website and social media.
Pistol Championships (September)
Information to follow, please check the website and social media.
Winter Postal Competitions 2021/2022
Information to follow, please check the website and social media.

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