The Browne Martin Cup is a Short Range Competition for clubs in the Home Counties. After an initial postal round, the leading eight clubs in this round compete in the finals at Bisley which this year took place on the 3rd March 2019. The results were:

Bookham A beat Ashford
Colchester A beat Bookham B
Croydon beat Borough of Wandsworth
Basildon beat Lingfield and Dormansland A (on countback)

Colchester A beat Bookham A
Croydon beat Basildon


J Twyford  96 93 189  
A C Wilshire  98 98 196  
K G Parr 100 100 200  
Ms S Polakhare 100 99 199  
K A Parr 95 97 192 976





Colchester A

Miss A Fearn 96 100 196  
A Pamment 96 96 192  
J Smith 98 99 197  
S Spindler 91 95 186  
R Martin 97 97 194 965


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