Air Quad Disabled

British Disabled Pistol Championship - Sean Young (G), Tania Goddard (S), Noel Parker (B).

British Disabled Rifle Championship SH1 - John Lloyd (Tournament Director), Craig Welsh (B).

British Disabled Rifle Championship SH1 - John Lloyd (Tournament Director), Karen Butler (G).

Senior Woman Pistol G Minerva Sing S Jess Liddon B Andrea Hurley

Senior Woman Pistol - Minerva Sing (G), Jess Liddon (S), Andrea Hurley (B).

Junior Men Pistol - Andrew Walker (G), George McEwen (S), Steffan Herdman (B).

Junior Men Rifle - Harry Vincent (G), Euan Robert, (S), Tom Warren (B).

Junior Woman Pistol - Emilia Faulkener (G), Hannah Glover (S), Isobel Mactaggart (B).

Junior Woman Rifle - Harley Raine (G), Emily Bale (S), Abby Warren (B).

Senior Men Rifle - Michael Bargeron (G), Cameron Pirouet (S), James Paterson (B).

Senior Men Pistol - Kristian Callaghan (G), Han Xuan Wong (S), Pavelas Voitiukevicius (B).

 Senior Woman Rifle - Kim Tzabach (G).

Senior Woman Rifle - Kim Tzabach (G), Ruth Mwandumba (S), Pauline Thornton (B).

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