Please note that due to the ongoing target issues where some targets are still unavailable and others have only recently become available, we are extending the shoot by dates for Stage 1 of the Eley Postal Competition to the 11th March 2019:

A – 3 Position Rifle

C – 20 Yard Air Pistol

D – Lightweight Sport Rifle, Standing, Precision, Any Sights

E – Lightweight Sport Rifle, Standing, Timed, Any Sights

H – Benchrest, Any Sights

I – Cartridge Pistol

We are currently checking the targets that are unavailable and hope that this extension will allow time for these to be signed off on, printed and made available in our shops so that people can shoot on the correct “-18” targets.  

Please have all scores for these competitions returned to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by the 16th March 2019.


PLEASE NOTE that this extension does not apply to event B – Small-bore Rifle, F – Air Rifle 10m or G – Air Pistol 10m.

We apologise for the delay in this information being circulated and thank everybody for their support and patience during this frustrating period.

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