The Great Britain Team for the 2019 Dewar Match will be selected following the trial held at Appleton Rifle Club, near Warrington, on Saturday 15th June 2019. Those who have already qualified for the trial include the top 40 shooters in the Class X or Class A Championship Aggregate at the 2018 Rifle Meeting, the qualifying score being 2,673. Also qualified are the top eleven shooters in the Scottish Meeting Grand Aggregate 2018 who did not enter the Bisley Grand Aggregate.

The qualifiers under these headings are:

Bisley 2018 Qualifiers

K D Bowley (Ruislip)

D J A Lake (Romford)

K A Ridgway (Worplesdon)

Miss Z E Roberts (Ludlow)

G J Webb (Romford)

K Greenaway (Perth City & County)

R J Dowling (MJMRC Fittleworth)

D Cowen (Shanklin)

K N Gibbons (Appleton)

C C Ingram (Romford)

N J Day (Bedford/SOKE)

R Law (Alloa & District)

A Meyers (East Grinstead)

N L Mullins (5th Sussex HG)

S L Green (Appleton)

N Penn (SOKE)

Mrs W L Foith (Bedford)

D J W Butcher (Woolpit)

D W F Phelps (Llantrisant & Cardiff Central)

Miss L Agates (Pinhoe)

R M Fowke (Headley Park)

T D Grey (Oundle)

J Pugsley (Budleigh Farm)

I J Potts (Surbiton Postal)

M J Dowe (St Nicholas)

Mrs V Holme (Down Hatherley)

Mrs L Jones (Bookham)

S K Aldhouse (Bookham)

J A Duguid (Bedford)

Miss A Fearn (Colchester)

M M Mutch (Marlow)

P G Strong (Andover)

M Dixon (8th Warwicks HG)

P J Hobbs (Budleigh Farm)

R Taylor (Borough of Wandsworth)

K P Simmons (East Bristol)

J A Smith (Colchester)

A Whittall (Shanklin)

J Paterson (Driffield)

R Williams (Appleton)

Scotland 2018 Qualifiers

R Macleod (Bearsden/Alloa)

I Shanks (Bon Accord)

W M J Cole-Hamilton (Bon Accord)

J G Shedden (Dumfries)

L Thomson (Banff & Macduff)

W A Copland (Banff & Macduff)

J R Brown (Watsonians & Alloa)

Miss K A Copland (Banff & Macduff)

G R Mortimer (Kemnay & District)

W A Wells (Cuckfield)

R A French (MJMRC Fittleworth)


The team Captain is Keith Ridgway and the Adjutant is Mike Arnstein.

The remaining places in the Dewar trial will be taken by the leading shoots in a postal trial to be fired on home ranges during February, March and April over a Double Dewar course. Those wishing to take part in the postal trial should apply using the entry form below. Entries can be submitted by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and the entry fee of £12.30 can be paid by card by calling 01483 485540.


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