The NSRA Shop now has stock of the newly printed 25 yard 10 bull Benchrest targets and 50 metre centre Benchrest targets which carry the “-18“ suffix to show their Quality Approved status - 2510BR15-18 and MM12BR15-18 are the full product code.

These targets will be available to order online shortly or please contact the Shop directly for exchanges of old targets.

After careful consideration the Competitions Team have decided to continue to run our Winter Benchrest Leagues (Competitions 290, 291, 406 and 690) for 2018/19 but to run them each as a 5 Round League instead of 10 Rounds, given the reduced time available for shooting this season.

Paperwork and stickers will be sent out for the 5 Round Leagues between now and Christmas and will follow these Shoot By Dates:

  Round 1 2 3 4 5
290 Short Range Benchrest League 04-Feb 18-Feb 04-Mar 18-Mar 01-Apr
291 50m Benchrest League
406 Individual Benchrest S/R League
690 County Benchrest S/R League 11-Feb 25-Feb 11-Mar 25-Mar 08-Apr

Targets need to be returned to the Scorer by the Saturday following the Last Day of Shooting.

It should be noted that the 20 yard Benchrest (2010BR17) and the 50 metre 10 Bull Benchrest target (50M10BR17) is currently not available as the Quality Control Investigation is still taking place. For any individual Benchrest shooters who shoot at 20 yards or wish to use the 50m 10 bull target, we will issue amended shooting dates/extensions based on when the 2010BR15-18 or 5010BR17-18 becomes available.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and successful shooting in the New Year.

Kind regards,

Competition Team.

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