It has been brought to our attention that some of the old stock of the MM 12 C 1996 targets that were previously thought suitable are NOT of sufficient standard to be used for National Competition.

The proof (of the original print run) that we were sent by the printers for testing was measured and found to be in specification and the old targets passed for use. However, it appears the proof supplied did not in reality match the targets the printers had been distributing. As a result, there are some MM 12 C 1996 targets in circulation where the 10 and X rings are off-set from the centre of the diagram.

Because of this please DO NOT USE MM 12 C 1996 for National Competition.

ONLY USE MM 12 C 1996 - 18 targets for National Competition (i.e. the new, renumbered stock recently made available).

The old MM 12 C 1996 will be exchanged for MM 12 C 1996 - 18 following the same procedure outlined for other targets.

Old stock targets that are OK to use:

  • 1001C 1996
  • 1003 B.M./89
  • Air 4/89
  • 2510 B.M./89 from after 20th September.

New targets that are available to buy or exchange:

  • Air 1/89 - 18
  • Air 2/89 - 18
  • Air 3/89 - 18
  • Air 4/89 - 18
  • 2510 B.M./89 - 18
  • 2510 BR15 - 18
  • PL14/06 - 18
  • MM 12C 1996 - 18
  • MM 12C BR15 - 18

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