2510BR/15-18 (25 yard 10-spot benchrest) targets are now available for order online and stock will arrive in the NSRA Shop by Sunday 9th December 2018. We will now also accept returns requests for 2510BR/15-18 targets.

A reminder of the target returns procedure and associated conditions are included below.

Please remember we will only replace targets that:

  • are unused and
  • are one of the following:

   - PL14/06
   - 2510BM/89
   - Air 3/89
- 2510BR/15 and

  • were purchased after 1st January 2017.

For 2510BM/89 only:

  • targets purchased or exchanged between 1st January 2017 and 20th September 2018 will be replaced.
  • those purchased or exchanged after 20th September 2018 will NOT be replaced.

These are the only newly-proofed targets available as of 7th December 2018. We are receiving a high number of speculative emails and calls pre-empting the release of other targets. Please do not send such requests. We wish to reassure all members and shooters that as soon as any new targets are released, an update will be promptly issued.

To arrange your return by post please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. using the subject line ‘Target Replacements’ with:

  • Two simple photographs for each target type that requires exchange:

   - A photo showing the target face.
   - A photo showing the approximate size of the stack. (Please see example photos).

20181129 18013120181129 175633

  • Your invoice number for each associated purchase. If you purchased in the Shop it will be a 9-digit number beginning 2017... or 2018... or you purchased online it will be a 4-digit order number.

If you would prefer to return to the Shop for an exchange please:

  • Bring your targets with you. We will only exchange what you bring.
  • Bring your receipt or order, or copies thereof.

Please bear in mind that current demand for targets is naturally very high and our stock is being depleted quickly. We would generally prefer that you arrange to exchange by post and you will incur no cost in doing so.

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