The following targets were cleared for use in NSRA National competitions on the 14th November 2018:

PL14/06 - 18
2510 B.M./89 - 18
Air 4/89 - 18
MM 12 C 1996 - 18
MM 12 C 1996

1001C 1996
1003 B.M./89
Air 4/89
2510 B.M./89 (either purchased after 20th September 2018 or exchanged).

Subsequently stickers have been released for the following competitions:
205  210  212  230  231  250  280  404  405  410  421  422  423  450  452  453  605  610  611  612  614  651  680.

that use the above targetry ONLY (so for example competitions using 2510 series cards are NOT cleared for the 15, 20 or 25m variants).

Following both internal and external discussions the shooting dates for all County, Team and Individual 10 Rnd competitions will now be as follows:

Rnd 1 / 2 shoot by Rnd 6 date
Rnd 3 / 4 shoot by Rnd 7 date
Rnd 5 / 6 shoot by Rnd 8 date
Rnd 7 / 8 shoot by Rnd 9 date
Rnd 9 / 10 shoot by Rnd 10 date

For those competitions shot in sets (e.g. LWSR Ind Standing Any Sights) the timing will be as follows:

Set 1 end of December
Set 2 end of January
Set 3 end of February

For those competitions not yet released shooting dates will be reviewed and published as their respective targets become cleared for use.

As always requests for extensions will be staffed on a case by case basis.

The Association continues to work with the printers to resolve the issues and ensure everyone can compete in a fair and equitable manner. Further news about target availability and our position on the use of older stock will be released in the near future.

Your continuing patience in this matter is appreciated.

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