What follows is an update on the current position with Winter Competitions and Targets as of 14th November 2018.  

All NSRA targets are being investigated and we are dealing with them in priority order. Starting with the 2510 B.M./89 target that highlighted the problem, NSRA staff have been working hard with Sykes to correct their printing issues for this and other targets.

The following targets have been proofed, quality checked and signed off for printing this week and will soon be available in the NSRA Shop:

PL14/06 - 18
2510 B.M./89 - 18
Air 4/89 - 18
MM 12 C 1996 - 18

It must be noted that the “-18” suffix added to all new printed target codes indicates a quality controlled target and can be assured it is up to specification and suitable for National Competition.

All other targets are being put through a similar stringent Quality Control Investigation and new proof targets checked before printing resumes.

Current Targets

The following targets are not up to the full specification, however the scoring is not affected and so CAN BE USED for competition purposes:

MM 12 C 1996
1001C 1996
1003 B.M./89
Air 4/89
2510 B.M./89
(either purchased after 20th September 2018 or exchanged)

The following targets are NOT ACCEPTABLE to use for competition purposes:

Air 2/89
Air 3/89
2510 B.M./89
(purchased pre September 20th 2018)
2010 B.M./89
M.M. 13/89
2510 BR15
2010 BR17

Other targets are still to be investigated and proofed.

Competition Timings

It is the intention that the main Winter Season Short Range Competitions paperwork and stickers will be posted by 16th November. Other Competitions will follow relative to the target proofs being finalised.

Every League Competition will have an extension granted for Rounds 1 to 5 to be shot by the Round 5 date (i.e. 7th January 2019 for Club and Individual Leagues, 14th January for County Leagues). The NSRA Competitions Department will of course address any further problems and/or delays by granting extensions following our normal guidelines on a case by case basis.

Hopefully this will give an indication of the current position and the timescale for our Winter Season. Also it should provide sufficient time for you to procure the new “-18” targets if required as they are produced.

Thank you for your patience in this matter. It is appreciated that this may have a knock on effects in timing for other competitions but competing in a fair manner on equivalent targets is the main priority. Other information will be made available on the NSRA website.

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