We have found errors in the printing of NSRA targets and are taking steps to rectify them.

Initially, a fault was found on the 2510BM/89 (25 yard 10 bull) targets. However, having looked at other targets we supply, it came to our attention that there are more targets affected.

We are working hard with the printers to deal with their error and new proof versions are being created. These need to be accurately measured and signed off as correct before printing recommences to ensure the quality of the product going forward. Obviously, this is a time consuming process.

We will ensure supply of the correct targets is resumed as soon as possible but would ask for patience whilst this work is carried out.

As a result, the issue of stickers for winter competitions is currently suspended. We will soon be sending out information to scorers, Counties and Clubs about how to deal with the situation.

There will clearly need to be an extension in the timings for the winter league dates. New competition final dates for shooting will be issued as soon as possible.

We will give information as to which targets are affected, how to identify bad targets (if possible) and how to exchange faulty targets for the correct ones as soon as the information is available.

Thank you for your patience in this matter.

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