Winter 2018/19 Postal Competitions

Entry forms have been distributed to all individual members of the NSRA and club copies have gone to the Club Secretaries with their latest edition of the ‘On Target’ magazine. As well as the normal array of competitions encompassing Prone, 3P, LWSR, Airgun and Benchrest, there are a number of new competitions that I wish to draw your particular attention to:

404 – Individual Time Limit League – A Prone Rifle Competition open to NSRA members shot over 10 rounds in a league format. Each competitor to fire 10 shots at short range in 90 seconds per round. Please refer to rules on time limit shooting (Rule 8.15.4)

406 – Individual Benchrest Short Range League  This mirrors the new Summer Competition (306) and is open to NSRA members who shoot benchrest at 20 or 25 yards or 25 metres. A 10 round competition in a league format. Any sights may be used for this competition.

442 – Individual Standing and Kneeling League – Due to dwindling entries into the team events for Standing and Kneeling, we have revamped this as an Individual League for NSRA members. The same course of fire applies as previously (20 shots per round – 10 standing and 10 kneeling)

499 – Individual Junior Universal League – A brand new competition open to Juniors who are under 21 at 31st December this year. Shooters can shoot using any of the NSRA disciplines with 10 shots per round on the correct NSRA approved target. Shooters will be placed in a division based on their average and may shoot against competitors from other shooting disciplines. This competition is offered at a reduced rate as it is for Juniors only. 

Entries for Club and Individual postal competitions close on 22nd August. These entry forms can be accessed via the following link: Entry forms.There is also now an Information Sheet available for all of our competitions which details the courses of fire, special conditions, awards structure, etc. Yvette Edwards has been working tirelessly on these and I hope you find them as useful as we do. These can be accessed via the following link: Information sheets.

Also available on the above link is the General Conditions section of the NSRA handbook which gives guidance on the protocol for NSRA competitions. Please ensure that if you enter NSRA postal competitions, you read this document. If you follow this as well as the Rules and Regulations which can be found under our reference section of the website, you should have all of the information that you require for a successful season. 

County entry forms have also been distributed to all county secretaries who should be passing them on to the relevant captains. If you require a copy of a county entry form, please let me know and I can arrange for this to be sent to you. The entry deadline for our county competitions is 5th September.

10m Air Pistol Ruling Change

There has also been a ruling change effective from this coming Winter season, where all 10m Air Pistol events will be 5 shots per target. There have been some differences between competitions, but from this season, all 10m Air Pistol events will be 5 shots per target 

British Long Arm Pistol 50m Championship – 23rd September 2018

The entry form is now available for this event which is the ‘Gallie’ 50m Championship for Long Arm Pistols. The International Mayleigh Match will also be fired at this event and there is a coaching workshop on skills and techniques on this day too. This entry form can be accessed via the following link: Entry forms.

If you have any questions on anything you have read or wish to opt out of these e-mails, please come back to me. In the meantime, may I wish you an enjoyable Summer of shooting.

Very best wishes,


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