Following a number of requests and with fuel shortages still an issue for some we are pleased to confirm a two week extension to the last Shooting Date for all Postal  Competitions until 25 October.

The Competitions Team are pleased to announce the publishing of two important and much awaited sets of results:

  1. The NSRA/ELEY 2021 Stage 1 Results (version 2.0) confirming those shooters who progress to the Postal Final

    The ELEY 2021 Postal Final will be held on the same course of fire as Stage 1, to be shot by Monday 1st November 2021. Stickers will be in the post to all Finalists by close-of-business on Wednesday 29th September.

  2. The Confirmed Final Results for the BOAG 2021 Postal Competition

    The qualifier results for the BOAG competition, the NSRA Competition Results and the Sporter Rifle Results have all been uploaded to the NSRA website as well.

Thank you to all entrants in both competitions for your continued patience and support of these competitions throughout the most challenging period we have experienced.

Sandra, Lyndeen & Steve

British shooting school pistol champ

For the first time, this season's Schools Championships includes Rifle and Pistol Championships. 

The Schools Rifle format is Sporter Air Rifle with classes that welcome athletes who shoot with a Springer (SPG) or Pre-Charged Pneumatic (PCP) air rifle, as well as having classes at 10m and 6yds. 

The Schools Pistol is the same as previous years.

Individuals and School Teams are welcomed in the Junior, Intermediate and Senior age groups including those who have a physical disability.

Entries are now open for the first round, the Regional Championships. This round is shot REMOTELY.

  1. Athletes can enter the Schools Rifle and/or Schools Pistol events via the respective pages on the British Shooting website.
  2. Following this competition targets will be posted to athletes to shoot at their preferred location in accordance with the rules.
  3. Athletes then need to submit their scores centrally via the British Shooting website.

Take note:

ENTRY: Regional round entry closes on Sunday 21st November at 11:59pm.

SCORES: Regional round scores to be submitted by Sunday 5th December 2021 at 11:59pm.

Regional Results:Shortly following the score submission date, the results for all the 11 regions (including Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) will be published along with the individuals and teams who have qualified for the National Final.


National Final
We’re delighted that the National Final will be held for the first time at the fabulous venue of Chase Leisure Centre, in Staffordshire on Tuesday 8th and Wednesday 9th February 2022.

This shoulder-to-shoulder event promises to be a fantastic climax to 2021-22 season.

Congratulations to the following athletes who have qualified for the Team(s) as a result of their success in the Postal Trial held earlier this year.

Robert Dowling – Captain       Christy Chan – Adjutant

Team of 10

  • Thomas Keay (Appleton)
  • Jeremy Newman (Budleigh Farm)
  • Shelbie Marsland (Appleton)
  • Kezzie Hutchings (Ellesmere College)
  • Thomas Craig-Fleming (Tunbridge Wells)
  • Nathanael Richmond (Downshire)
  • Callum Kearns (Budleigh Farm)
  • Edward McKee (Romford)
  • Harry Evans (Appleton)
  • Daniel Cornall (Budleigh Farm)
  • Carmen Kilgannon (Appleton) – RESERVE
  • Louis Norman (Budleigh Farm) - RESERVE

Team of 3 Women

  • Shelbie Marsland (Appleton)
  • Kezzie Hutchings (Ellesmere College)
  • Carmen Kilgannon (Appleton)
  • Megan Blatchly (Leicester & District) – RESERVE

 Team of 3 Men

  • Thomas Keay (Appleton)
  • Jeremy Newman (Budleigh Farm)
  • Thomas Craig-Fleming (Tunbridge Wells)
  • Nathanael Richmond (Downshire) – RESERVE
  • Callum Kearns (Budleigh Farm) - RESERVE

Bench Rest

The Competitions Department are pleased to be able to announce that this year’s Benchrest Championships will be conducted as a 2 stage postal competition, with the first stage to be completed by 4th October.  The competition will be run in classes, number of classes dependent upon number of entries.


Entry for this event is via the GoMembership website


Stage 1 will be..

Short Range Championships.

  • Stage 1 – 40 shots at 25, 20 or 15yds or 25M shot on the shooter's home range by 4th October

Long Range Championship

  • Stage 1 – 40 shots at 50M shot on the shooter's home range by 4th October

Stage 2 will be ..

The Final.  Top 20 and equal scores.  60 shots at the appropriate distance, shot on the shooters home range during the two weeks of October.

Though the SMRC’s 1922 Meeting was the first at Bisley, the course of fire for the Grand Aggregate remained unchanged from that at the previous meetings in Scotland and elsewhere round the country.

The course of fourteen 10-shot cards comprised 30 shots at 25 yards, 50 shots at 50 yards, 40 shots at 100 yards, plus 10 shots in 90 seconds at each of 25 and 50 yards. Yes, the Grand Aggregate included rapid fire shooting!

The winner was A Jarman of Grimsby Central, an easily identifiable character on the range in his wide flat hat. Although he won only one of the six competitions in the Aggregate, his score was an impressive 1379 ex 1400, seven points ahead of the runner-up and 16 points ahead of third. Perhaps not surprisingly, Jarman’s score beat the record for the Aggregate by four points, the previous mark having been set two months earlier by A J Bayley of Lee at the London Meeting held on the Ham & Petersham Rifle Club ranges.


Make History at Bisley 100 13 August – 20 August 2022 

To subscribe for regular Bisley 100 updates and entry information Click Here This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and submit your contact details


Downloadable pdf  Entry Forms are also now available from the NSRA website for Knock-Out competitions and Individuals not wishing to enter via their clubs. 


Make History at Bisley 100 13 August – 20 August 2022 

To subscribe for regular Bisley 100 updates and entry information Click Here This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and submit your contact details

News Release

Online portal image

The Competitions Department are pleased to announce that from Monday 16th August, the Online Results Portal will be available to all for viewing results. Individuals will be able to see their scores from the Winter 20/21 leagues and be able to view the scores as they are published in the Summer 2021 leagues and competitions.

To find the Portal, please visit on your browser– you will not need a login or password to view the results. Please enter this in the address bar of your browser, not in the search bar or it will take you to the N.S.R.A. Website!

County Associations and Clubs will very soon have the ability to use the portal to enter teams and individual competitors in the majority of the Winter 21/22 leagues and competitions.  Payment, however, will still have to be made via telephone or cheque.  An online payment function is planned for the near future so that you will be able to have a one-stop website enabling Club and County Secretaries to be able to complete the entries in a single visit.

Local Scoring will also be in place very soon (once the scorers are trained to use the system) to relieve clubs of the expense of posting shot cards to central scorers for the Summer 2021 postal competitions, and to provide the scores to the shooters and Club Captains/Secretaries as soon as they become available.

Denwood Closing Date Extension

Attention all Scottish Prone Shooters!
The Earl Haig qualifier will be run in conjunction with the Long Range Rifle Competition on 7th & 8th August.

This prestigious competition for Scottish shooters, will be run shoulder-to-shoulder again after missing 2020 due to Covid. Denwood Shooting Centre will be hosting this competition alongside the new National/Regional Long Range Rifle competition. The Earl Haig final will be held on the 29th August at Denwood.

The deadline for entries for the above competition has now been extended until 4th August.

Jon Latimer

Last month, the prevalence of the COVID-19 ‘Delta’ variant caused the various administrations to delay their easing of COVID-19 restrictions. As a result, many shooters have not been able to access their range as frequently as they had planned, which has impacted on the volume of cards they have been able to shoot. Although the majority of the administrations have now eased, to varying degrees, their COVID-19 restrictions, many clubs, ranges and shooters will be concerned by the continuing rise in COVID-19 case numbers. Consequently, the NSRA understand that this will mean many will continue to operate with at least some COVID-secure measures in place. Hence it is likely that the volume of shooting will continue to be impacted to some degree. With this is mind, the NSRA Competitions Department have decided to apply a blanket extension to all 2021 Summer Postal Leagues.

Leagues: Rounds 1 – 5 to be shot by 30th August and rounds 6-10 Shot by 11th October.

Staged Postal Competitions: all sets/stages to be shot by 11th October.

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