2022 Great Britain Pershing Team Shoulder to Shoulder Trial (Stage 2)

The Pershing Match is an international ‘shoulder to shoulder’ smallbore prone rifle team competition between the USA and the UK, which is normally held every eight years. Each team has ten shooters, two reserves and several officials. The course of fire is a Single Dewar (20 shots at 50 yards and 20 shots at 100 yards) shot outdoors on American targets. Historically, the Match has been shot at Camp Perry, Ohio. However, COVID-19 permitting, the next time the teams meet will be in July 2022 during the NRA of America’s National Matches, which are scheduled to be shot at Camp Atterbury, Indiana.

Having shot a Double Dewar postal qualifier earlier in the year, 52 athletes were invited to Appleton on 18th and 19th September 2021 to shoot the second qualification stage ‘shoulder to shoulder’, which consisted of two days of intense competition.

The course of fire on both days was 40 shots at 50yds, a Dewar (20 shots at 50yds and 20 shots at 100yds), and 40 shots at 100yds, all on American targets, so 240 competition shots in total. For reference, American targets have a 10-ring that is roughly equivalent to the size of the 9 ring on NSRA targets, the x-ring is roughly equivalent to the size of the 10 ring on NSRA targets.

Due to social distancing requirements, the Athletes were separated in four separate squads. The 9 highest scoring athletes in each squad advance to the penultimate qualification stage, which is scheduled (COVID-19 and fuel crisis permitting) to be shot at Sywell on 9th and 10th October 2021.

The trial at Sywell will consist of two more days of intense competition shot, again, on American targets. The first day, Saturday will follow the same format as the trial at Appleton, 40 shots at 50yds, Dewar, and 40 shots at 100yds. The 20 highest scoring athletes in the Saturday Aggregate will be awarded points, 20 points for the highest scoring athlete through to 1 point for the 20th highest scoring athlete. Athletes outside the top 20 will be awarded 0 points. On Sunday, the pressure will intensify significantly, there will be three separate Dewar matches, with 20 points available in each match. The 20 athletes with the highest number of total point across Saturday and Sunday will form the 2022 GB Pershing Squad who will travel to the USA in July 2022, COVID-19 permitting. The final qualifier, which will decide the team of 10 and two reserves, will take place over the first two days of competition at the NRA Of America’s National Matches.

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