Long Range Benchrest Postal Championship

It is with regret, because of lack of entries (only 5), we have decided to cancel the Long Range event.  Entry fees will be returned to those who have not transferred their entry to the Short Range event..

Short Range Benchrest Postal Championships

Entries to this event are also low, however, we have decided run the event with a few changes to the stage dates.

The entry closing date has been extended until 13th October to allow for more entries. If you have already entered please encourage others to do so and of course Competitions can only be viable if enough shooters get involved.

Stickers for the entrants will be posted out by 20th October and you can shoot the  1st stage from receipt of stickers.

The 1st Stage must be completed by 15th November and posted to the scorer before 19th November.  The Provisional Results will be published by 22nd November and challenges will be accepted until 23:59 on 29th November.

The Final results of Stage 1 will be published and stickers for Stage 2 /Final will be posted out 29th November.  Stage 2/Final must be shot by 10th January 2022 and the cards received by the scorer by 15th January 2022.

Provisional Results will be published by 18th January 2022 and challenges accepted until 23:59 on 25th January 2022

Final results will be published, and the winners notified following publication..

Should there be less than 26 entrants into the competition, then every competitor will progress to Stage 2, and the score from Stage 1 will be added to the Stage 2 score to make the competition on aggregate.  26 or more entrants will result in the top 20 scores from Stage 1 progressing into Stage 2 which will be a separate shoot, the championship being decided on the highest score on Stage 2.

We look forward to receiving your entries and wish you all good luck in the competition!


Entry for this event is via the GoMembership website  https://nsra.azolve.com/Workbench.mvc/Public/Events?summary=all

Benchrest Peter Mann

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