As a result of their success in the 2021 Great Britain Dewar Team Trial held at Appleton Rifle Club on 21st August 2021, the following athletes have been selected to represent Great Britain in the 2021 Dewar Match:

  • Robert Dowling   (MJMRC - Fittleworth)
  • Richard Fowke   (Headley Park)
  • Simon Green   (Appleton)
  • Theo Dodds   (Royal Navy)
  • Kenneth Bowley   (Ruislip)
  • Geoffrey Webb   (Romford)
  • Daniel Lake   (Romford)
  • Wendy Foith   (Bedford)
  • Charles Cooper   (Downshire)
  • David Crispin   (Bookham)
  • Leonard Thomson   (Banff and Macduff)
  • Matt Dixon   (8th Warwickshire Homeguard)
  • Lina Jones   (Bookham)
  • Jane Newing   (Andover)
  • Sue Norman   (Tunbridge Wells)
  • Duncan Farmer   (Havant)
  • Nicholas Clark   (Chippenham)
  • Dominic Cowen   (Shanklin)
  • John Pugsley   (Budleigh Farm)
  • David Swain   (Bedford)


  • James Patterson   (Driffield)
  • Richard Wilson   (Shanklin)

Mike Arnstein – Captain
Paul Duxbury – Adjutant

The Dewar Match is an international postal smallbore prone rifle competition. The course of fire is a Single Dewar (20 shots at 50 metres/yards and 20 shots at 100 yards). The Team shoot the Match together on the same range on the same day.

Dewar Team 2021

Great Britain Dewar Team 2021

Back row (L to R): D Farmer, D Crispin, S Norman, S L Green, D Swain, C Cooper
Middle row (L to R), D Lake, T Dodds, G Webb, L Jones, W Foith, J Newing, R M Fowke, D Cowan
Seated (L to R): R H Wilson, R Dowling, K Bowley, M J A Arnstein (Captain), P C Duxbury (Adjutant), N Clark, L Thomson, M Dixon

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