Two challenge trophies were brought to the 1922 Meeting Prize List by the NRA – the Jaeger Bowl and the Captain Cup – and the NRA generously left both of them on loan with us ever since.

The Captain Cup was awarded in 1922 for an individual competition outside the Grand Aggregate, rather like the Chas Bell Trophy was in 1922 and still is today. The Captain Cup, still linked to the name of “The Astor”, is now given to Class A for Competition 4 of the Aggregate.

The other “miniature rifle” Astor Competition was not transferred into the Meeting until 1925, but also still remains with us. This is the team-of-six competition where Bisley hosts the final, contested by one club representing each County Association.

These two Astor competitions share a special feature. The Bisley Meeting was under the joint auspices of the Society of Miniature Rifle Clubs and National Rifle Association from 1922 to 1938. Thus it is not surprising that NRA medals were given to the award winners in these years.


But the tradition did not stop when responsibility for the meeting passed into the hands of the SMRC alone. Right up to today this tradition remains in place with a number of NRA medals awarded at an NSRA Meeting for two Astor competitions which link the two Associations. Long may this tradition continue.

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