10m Air Rifle Women – Seonaid McIntosh

10m Air Rifle Men – Dean Bale & Mike Bargeron

Air Rifle Mixed Team – Seonaid McIntosh & Dean Bale

Prone Women – Katie Gleeson, Rachel Glover & Seonaid McIntosh

Prone Men – Dean Bale, Mike Bargeron & Ken Parr

3p Women – Katie Gleeson & Seoniad McIntosh

3p Men – Mike Bargeron & Dean Bale

3p Mixed Pairs – Seonaid McIntosh & Dean Bale, Katie Gleeson & Mike Bargeron

300m Prone Women – Seonaid McIntosh

300m 3P – Seonaid McIntosh

10m Air Pistol Men – Kristian Callaghan & James Miller

Rapid Fire Pistol – Kristian Callaghan & Sam Gowin

Standard Pistol - Kristian Callaghan & Sam Gowin

50m Pistol - Kristian Callaghan

The Tokyo Olympics are just nine weeks away so this is an important opportunity for athletes to finalise their preparations and pit their skills against the best in Europe.

The schedule of events can be found here https://www.issf-sports.org/competitions/venue.ashx?cshipid=3000 and live broadcasts https://www.issf-sports.org/competitions/venue/finalslivebroadcastschedule.ashx?cshipid=3000

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