2021 WWSSBRA Summer Individual Postal Open Poster




1. This event is open to all competitors; entrants do not need to be a member of a WWSSBRA affiliated club.

1.1 There is no limit on the number of entries an individual can make for each competition. Re-entry is permitted,

providing the re-entry is made at least one month before the shoot by date.

1.2 Where multiple entries are made, only the highest scoring set will be included in the results.

2. All cards must be fired in accordance with current NSRA Rules and Regulations, unless stated otherwise. Any

disputes will be decided by the ‘Competition Committee’, which will consist of any three current members of

the WWSSBRA Committee; their decision will be final.

3. COURSE OF FIRE: All competitions must be fired in sticker order and must be completed in 20-shot series

at the same distance. Each 20-shot series may be shot on different days.

3.1 The Iron Sights and Any Sights competitions must be shot in the prone position. The Benchrest competitions

are to be shot from the benchrest position as defined by current NSRA Rules and Regulations.

3.1.1 Competition 1: The course of fire is 5 x 20 shots at 50 metres or 50 yards.

3.1.2 Competition 2: The course of fire is 5 x 20 shots at 100 yards.

3.1.3 Competition 3: The course of fire is 5 x Dewar, which is 5 x 20 shots at 50 metres/yards and 5 x 20

shots at 100 yards. Competition 3 may be shot concurrently (see 3.2) with competitions 1&2 or may be

shot separately. When shooting competition 3 concurrently with competitions 1&2, the aggregate scores

from competitions 1&2 will be used for competition 3 scores.

3.2 Concurrent shooting – Where concurrent entry has been specified on the entry form, for each respective

distance all cards with the same card number must be shot concurrent. If concurrent entry is not specified on

the entry form, concurrent shooting is still possible. In this instance the competitor may ‘double up’ their

stickers (prior to the targets being shot); however, the competitor must shoot all cards for the respective

competitions concurrent. For example, the competitor may wish to shoot the 50m leg of Competition 3

concurrent with Competition 1; therefore, all of the 50m cards for Competition 3 must be shot concurrently

with all of the Competition 1 cards, it is not permissible for only some 50m Competition 3 cards to be shot

concurrent with Competition 1 – it is all or nothing. To be clear, in this example the competitor may still shoot

their Competition 2 cards separate to the 100yds leg of Competition 3; although, if this option is taken all of

the 100yds leg of Competition 3 must be shot separately to Competition 2. The same rules apply for shooting

Any Sights competitions concurrent with Iron Sights competitions, i.e. the competitor must either shoot all

of Competition 1 Iron Sights concurrent with all of Competition 1 Any Sights, or all of the Competition 1

cards must be shot separately.



WWSSBRA Summer Individual 2 Postal Open 2021

3.2.1 All of the Any Sights competitions may be shot concurrently with the Iron Sights competitions providing

that only Iron Sights are used. Witnesses must ensure that the competitor has complied with this

condition. There will be zero tolerance for any breaches of this condition. Any breach will result in the

competitor being disqualified from both the Any Sights and the Iron Sights competitions.

4. CLASSIFICATIONS: Class A: 97.5 and over Class B: 94.5 – 97.4 Class C: 94.4 and below

These classifications are ex. 100 and are based on 25yds (or short-range equivalent) averages. All averages

should be submitted correct to one decimal place. If the competitor does not have a 25yds average, then the

higher of their 50m/50yds or 100yds average (ex. 100) may be submitted. If the competitor does not have an

average, an average calculated from the best 10 of their last 12 practice cards may be submitted. Failure to

submit an average will result in the competitor’s classification being listed as Class A.

4.1 If there are less than three entries in a class, that specific competition will not run; however, entrants will have

the opportunity to shoot in a higher class (with 3 entries or more), if they so desire.

4.2 Should the scores of a competitor considerably exceed the submitted average, the competition organiser

reserves the right to reclassify the competitor accordingly.

4.2.1 The competition organiser is defined as Worthing & West Sussex Smallbore Rifle Association


5. HANDICAP: Competitors in classes B and C will automatically be entered into a dropped points handicap


6. TARGETS: The below targets will be accepted with or without the ‘-18’ suffix. The use of any other targets

is prohibited. Competitors are responsible for supplying their own targets.

6.1 Iron Sights & Any Sights:

• 50 metres – NSRA MM 12 C 1996 (pre trimmed centre) or NSRA MM13/89 (3-card system) or Electronic

Targets that comply with the criteria detailed in the current NSRA Rules and Regulations

• 50 yards – NSRA 5002C 1996 (pre trimmed centre) or NSRA 5006 BM/89 (3-card system)

• 100 yards – NSRA 1001C 1996 (pre trimmed centre) or 1003 BM/89 (3-card system)

6.2 Benchrest:

• 50 metres – NSRA MM 12 C BR15 (2-target) or NSRA 5010BR/17 (10-target)

• 100 yards – NSRA 1001 BR15 (1-target)

7. STICKERS: Stickers must be affixed to the front of the target (which corresponds to the distance indicated

on the sticker) before shooting. If using NSRA ‘pre trimmed centres’, one sticker must be affixed to each

individual card. If using the NSRA three card system, two consecutively numbered stickers must be affixed

to the card. For electronic targets, stickers should be affixed as detailed in current NSRA Rules and

Regulations. If this is not possible, please contact the WWSSBRA Competition Secretary, Robert Dowling,

via email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) as soon as possible.

7.1 Where multiple entries are made, stickers will be issued in sets. If multiple stickers are affixed to a target they

must be from the same set.

8. PERIOD OF SHOOTING: All cards can be shot upon receipt of the stickers. All cards must be completed

by Sunday 26th September 2021. Unless an extension has been granted, cards shot after this date will be


WWSSBRA Summer Individual 3 Postal Open 2021

8. WITNESSING: All shot qualification cards must be signed, witnessed and dated.

9. SCORING: Local scoring will be allowed. If a local scorer is used, the scorer must meet at least one of the

following criteria:

a) hold a valid NSRA scorers’ qualification,

b) a current WWSSBRA committee member,

c) a current committee member of an NSRA affiliated club/association or any NSRA technical committee

(including the NSRA Board of Management and the Shooting Council),

d) hold a valid NSRA club/county/regional instructor qualification (for rifle), or

e) hold a valid ISSF coaches/judges license (for rifle)

9.1 Scoresheets will be distributed with the competition stickers. Where a local scorer is used, the scoresheets

must be completed and returned to the WWSSBRA Competition Secretary, Mr. R. J. Dowling, no later than

23:59 on Thursday 30th September 2021. Unless an extension has been granted, scoresheets received after

this deadline will not be accepted. Copies of completed scoresheets may be scanned and sent to the

Competition Secretary via email or by post (details will be included on the scoresheet). If using a local scorer,

please ensure that the scorer keeps shot targets until results have been distributed. The Competition Secretary

may call in locally scored shot targets for checking. Shot targets may be called in physically, or in some cases

the Competition Secretary might request a photo of the shot targets be sent via email.

9.2 Shot cards may be posted to the relevant central scorer, should the competitor not wish to use a local scorer.

Details will be provided with the stickers. Cards that are to be scored by the central scorer must reach them

no later than Thursday 30th September 2021. Unless an extension has been granted, cards received after this

date will not be scored and will be disqualified.

9.3 When submitting shot cards or scoresheets via post, it is recommended that a certificate of posting is obtained.

Without a certificate of posting no re-shoots will be permitted.

10. RESULTS: Results will be distributed via email and will be published online. Results may also be published

in print. Should the competitor wish to receive a hard copy of the results, an SAE must accompany the entry.

8.1 CHALLENGES: The challenge period will be detailed with the results. Challenges must be lodged, in

writing, with the Competition Secretary.


11.1 For the handicap competition, providing there are at least three entries in the specific competition, first place

medals will be awarded.

11.2 For all other competitions medals will be awarded for first place, providing there are at least three entries

in the class. In each class, medals for second place will be awarded if the total class entry is greater than 4; if

the total class entry exceeds 6 then a third place medal will also be awarded.


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