Currently, the law relating to air guns allows people between 14 and 17 to shoot unsupervised on private land. The Firearms Safety Consultation seeks to change that and say that all shooting must be supervised. This will clearly have a negative impact on shooting in the field but also on clubs and associations by requiring unnecessary supervision.

The following question was tabled to the Secretary of State for the Home Department by one of the BSSC Member organisations:

How many fatalities have occurred due to a person between the ages of 14 and 17 using an airgun within the law unsupervised on private land with the permission of the owner in the last 14 years?

Kit Malthouse has replied that the requested information is not held centrally.

This would seem to indicate that the changes to airgun law that have been suggested in the Firearms Safety Consultation are not based on facts or any kind of analysis and have been described as a hostile act by the government.

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