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Crossbow Update - No 1

Welcome to what is hoped will be a regular update from the world of NSRA Target Crossbow.

In the recent survey of shooting habits etc, 82 of you indicated that they took part in crossbow in some way or other. We would like to support this participation and increase our number by providing opportunities for you to take part in competitions and hopefully in the future take part in European and World events.

Crossbow shooting is a fascinating and technically challenging multi-disciplined target sport. It is also a sport rich in history and traditions, having roots in many different cultures around the world.

The NSRA is affiliated to the International Crossbow Shooting Union (IAU). It hosted the European 10m and 30m Championships at Aldersley in 1989. The UK has had some success at World level with the late Irene Daw winning the Ladies 10m Match championship.

The IAU organises biannual World and European championships, annual World Cup Events and other International competitions. The next World Championships are programmed to take place in Latvia in September 2021.

IAU Crossbow

The International Crossbow Shooting Union (IAU) comprises two divisions: “Field” and “Match”, The “Field” discipline is similar to World Archery whereas “Match” resembles the ISSF rifle program. Some countries participate in both divisions’ competitions, others are just “Field” or “Match” division members. 

The crossbow disciplines within this are:

  • 10m Match Crossbow shot standing on 10m ISSF Air Rifle Targets 

  • 30m Match Crossbow which is shot kneeling and standing on a 116mm target

  • Field Target crossbow, similar to World Archery is shoot at distances from 10m to 18m indoors and at 35m, 50m and 65m. The maximum permissible draw weight is 43 kilos (95 lbs.) irrespective of construction.

Sport Crossbow

The NSRA working with the Scout Association and former IAU President Chris Aston introduced a modified competition for sport crossbow which can be shot at 6yd or 10m.

Sport Crossbows have not been modified and are straight out of the box. The only restriction is that the poundage of the bow cannot exceed 40lbs.


The NSRA run courses for instructors under the Youth Proficiency Scheme (YPS) for Sport Crossbow. Requests for these should be directed to the Coaching Organiser who will put you in touch with the relevant trainers in your region.

It is hoped in the future to promote a club instructors course and when this is finalised we will be in touch.


10M Match Crossbow

10m Match Crossbow. This competition is run as part of the 10m Individual Air Rifle Postal competitions. Details are circulated to clubs and entry forms are available on the download section of the website.

Field Crossbow

For the last three years, the NSRA have run a league in Winter and Spring for 18m Field crossbow. These are open to all including non members.

  • Competition 701 -The maximum permissible draw weight is 43 kilos (95 lbs.) irrespective of construction. (30 bolts maximum score 300)

  • Competition 702 - Open. (30 bolts maximum score 300)

It is hoped that in the summer 2021, a Postal 35m Target crossbow competition will be run. This is in the early stages of planning.

Sport Crossbow

The NSRA over the last five years have run a league in Winter and Spring for 10m Sports crossbow .These are open to all abilities as the competition is broken down to categories and classes. As with the Field Crossbow the competition is open to non NSRA members.

Competition 700 - 10m (maximum permissible draw weight is 21 Kilos (45lbs)). 15 bolts Maximum Score 150.

Competition 700a - 6yd (maximum permissible draw weight is 21 Kilos (45lbs)). 15 bolts Maximum Score 150.

Competition 703 - 10m This is a closed class within the competition structure for NSRA members who shoot for the Eric Dougliss Cup. It runs alongside competition 700. 15 bolts Maximum Score 150.

A separate 10m VI crossbow event has also been held with competitions using adapted bows with acoustic sights. 15 bolts Maximum Score 150.


It is useful here to remind people of the scoring conventions for crossbow as these have changed over time.

Match crossbow 10m and 30m - inward scoring Sporting crossbow 10m and 6yd - Outward scoring YTS Sport crossbow - 6yd and 10m Inward Scoring

Field Crossbow - 10m and 18m outward scoring

- 35, 50 and 65m inward Scoring. Clear 10’s identified

Proficiency Awards

Currently there is an award scheme for those young people taking part in the YPS Sport crossbow course.

As part of the work of the PAC working party we have been looking at how this can be extended to introduce a proficiency award similar to those which can be gained for small bore rifle, air rifle.Pistol, LSR and sporter for shooter to progress and measure their improvement against UK Standards.

Thanks to the work of John Dahoo in crunching the numbers, a scheme has been accepted and details will be published in the next update.


The results of the NSRA Winter competition 2019 /20. Congratulations to our winners who are as follows Competition 700 10m Sporter

Division 1 Colin Routledge North East Target Sports Division 2 John Lloyd South Pembrokshire.

Top Junior - Jake Holland 3rd South Pembrokeshire Scouts Veteran - Colin Routledge North East Target Sports

Senior - Jackie Thomas 3rd South Pembrokeshire Scouts Competition 701 18m Xbow

Division 1 Andy Bowman Braunton

Competition 703 Eric Douglas Memorial (NSRA Members 10m) Division 1 Andy Bowman Braunton

National Rankings

These will be awarded to those NSRA members who have taken part in all the rounds of the relevant competitions

National Ranking 10m Sports Crossbow 2019-20

To be included in the National Ranking competitions must have shot in all three rounds.






Colin Routledge

North East Target Sports



Jake Holland

3rd Pembroke Sea Scouts



Andy Bowman

Braunton TSC



Francis Parry

South Pembrokeshire



John Lloyd

South Pembrokeshire



Phil Jackson

South Pembrokeshire



John Lane

Coltishall & District RC



Jackie Thomas

3rd Pembroke Sea Scouts



Scott Brown

3rd Pembroke Sea Scouts



Eric Hatcher

Glevum TSC



Kevin Hopkins

North East Target Sports



National Ranking 18m Field Crossbow 2019-20








Bowman, Andy





Perry, Frances

South Pembrokshire




Lloyd, John

South Pembrokshire





South Pembrokshire



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