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Throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic we have constantly kept under review the circumstances and factors surrounding the earlier closure of our offices and NSRA Shop as well as the ongoing closure of our facilities at the Lord Roberts Centre and Aldersley. In order to pave the way for a possible eventual reopening of those facilities we are going to conduct a carefully controlled trial at Aldersley over the next few weeks.

Aldersley is a significantly smaller centre and less complex in its configuration and management challenges. It is therefore a safer option to conduct a trial of this kind. We will be creating a Covid-Secure environment before any range is brought back into use. In doing so we will fully take into account our own published guidance since 1 June, which in turn complies with Government legislation and advice. Facilities will only be available to current members of the centre’s clubs and organisations taking part in the trial. Social distancing will be in operation plus other measures to protect public health.

None of this would be possible without the help and efforts of our volunteers and we are very grateful to them for helping us prepare for this important step. We stress this will be a gradual and phased process. If at any stage we feel public health and the welfare of our employees could be compromised then the reopening will be halted. Nothing is guaranteed but our plan does present a possible pathway for our Members and Shooters to return to action at NSRA facilities.

We will of course keep everyone updated about the progress we are making and any furtherchanges that are to be implemented. You will find this on our website www.nsra.co.uk which will be the official and exclusive home for any news concerning NSRA Aldersley. So please keep checking for the latest information.

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