British Shooting has produced a document on advice for coaches who are still working with their shooters remotely.

It is important guidance is based on NSPCC guidelines and should be followed by all coaches engaging in this practice.

Coaches should share this with their shooters (and parents/guardians if appropriate) and refer them to the NSRA Safeguarding Policy as required.

We would also remind shooters and coaches:

  • Please make sure that you follow good safety practices when doing sessions involving firearms at home, including dry-fire and training using electronic training equipment (e.g. Scatt).
  • Unless you are lucky enough to have an appropriate, safe place to live-fire, leave all ammunition locked away and don’t take it into an environment where you will be dry-firing .
  • When doing drills and sessions involving firearms at home avoid pointing the firearm where it is visible from outside the premises (e.g. pointing the gun through the window or door) as it might distress onlookers and bring unwanted attention. 

Coaching and training can continue and many shooters and coaches are finding innovative ways of doing this. We just need to adapt the principles of our normal working practice to suit the new circumstances we find ourselves in.

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