Key decisions and discussions:

National Meetings

Scotland - 27th June to 3rd July

The entry for 2019 was 271 (2017 was 185 and 2018 was 208) a good improvement. The entry form for 2020 has been issued with a 10% discount for early entry.

There is a new competition, giving a flavour of the 1920 Scottish Meeting - 50m Open Pairs Time Limit and Skirmisher.

The Benchrest element of the meeting has been increased.

Corporate Partners are being signed up, the plan being to create a Retail Village and additional attractions for competitors and visitors.

Bisley Championships - 15th August to 22nd August

The entry for 2019 was 511 (2017 was 605 and 2018 was 553).

The total expenditure is around £100K, the main cost being range hire, marquees and firing point construction. This equates to £57K.

Addressing the competitors comments, the Committee are considering:

  • Fixed distance target frames - Scottish model.
  • Shoot one distance on alternate days.
  • Coloured backers to alleviate the problems seeing 100yds shot holes around the midday period.
  • Arrange buggy transport to and from the car park.
  • Encourage new entries - a welcome pack for each new shooter along with a 50% discount for new shooters.
  • Bring back the raffle.
  • Provide a photograph for each winner receiving his or her prize at the prizegiving.

Benchrest Championship - 12th June and 13th June

Benchrest shooting is a developing form of our sport. Entries to this event have been less than 20, however the event has broken even.

The Committee will explore:

  • Ways of making the Bisley event more attractive to the shooter, for example introduce a class structure in the Championship.
  • Together with finding another venue for the event that will attract a better entry.

50m ISSF Championship - 5th June to 7th June

The entry for 2019 was 57 (2017 was 121 and 2018 was 100).

The future of this event is dependant on availability of sufficient electronic targets.

Relocation of the National Championships

A specification has been prepared by Geoff Doe setting out a specification based on 80 firing points at each range, giving a firing point and steel plate backstop of some 197m in length.

The exclusion zone would be 350m at 300m extending by some 1200m.

However, if a location is found with a hill background or stop but, these figures would be reduced.

Ken Nash suggested that we consider using the Lauder Range for the National Championships.

Electronic Targets

The Shooting Council requested the Committee to re-consider the protocols for dealing with ties between paper and electronic targets.

Benchrest Rules

Detailed discussion to be held over until the February meeting.

Date of next meeting
- 23rd February at Bisley.

M J Chapman

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