Chairman’s Briefing Notes

The Rifle Committee met on the 5th October at Bisley. There was a full agenda with many important topics discussed. Herewith the main points:

  • Pershing Match selection process for the match at Camp Atterbury in the USA, planned for 2021, was reviewed. It was agreed to plan for a squad of 20 plus three officials. The Committee were also shown the suggested team livery.
  • The GB Dewar Team Captain’s nomination for Team Adjutant was approved and will be announced in due course.
  • Review of feedback from competitors at Scotland and Bisley. Responses were tabled:

    • One main comment was to find a solution enabling less able bodied competitors to more easily reach the firing points at Bisley. It was agreed to investigate the provision of buggy transport.
    • Target frame movements will be looked at in more detail for the Bisley Meeting. The problem, seeing shot holes at 100 yards in late morning. Coloured backers are to be trialled.
    • The many positive responses received for work carried out at Lauder were much appreciated.
    • The meeting acknowledged the increasing cost of staging the Championships at Bisley being compounded by the fall in entries and agreed to research all other range options.
    • Ideas to increase the competitions for Benchrest were tabled for both Scotland and Bisley and received approval to introduce Squadded Benchrest events for the weekend along with a Championship Aggregate for the week, in classes.
    • In Scotland a Target Sprint and Pony Club event is to be explored.
  • Local scoring was discussed. The Competitions Department are looking into the application of technology for rapid publication of results and greater use of local scoring to reduce costs for clubs. For those who may have reservations there is data to suggest that the errors in local scoring are no greater than those when central scorers are used. There will be a plan to review performance.
  • Electronic targets. Sandra Smith explained the protocol requiring clubs using electronic targetry for NSRA competitions to register with the Competitions Department. Adding, the rules need to be re-written to give clarity for using different systems, e.g. laser printouts and when to affix stickers.
  • In response to a proposal, the Committee reviewed the conditions for the Inter County and County Reserves League. A proposal will be brought to the Shooting Council.
  • Carl Taylor’s offer to organise a 50 metre Electronic Target League on behalf of the NSRA was accepted.

Mike Chapman
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