Long Range Benchrest Postal Championship

It is with regret, because of lack of entries (only 5), we have decided to cancel the Long Range event.  Entry fees will be returned to those who have not transferred their entry to the Short Range event..

Short Range Benchrest Postal Championships

Entries to this event are also low, however, we have decided run the event with a few changes to the stage dates.

The entry closing date has been extended until 13th October to allow for more entries. If you have already entered please encourage others to do so and of course Competitions can only be viable if enough shooters get involved.

Stickers for the entrants will be posted out by 20th October and you can shoot the  1st stage from receipt of stickers.

The 1st Stage must be completed by 15th November and posted to the scorer before 19th November.  The Provisional Results will be published by 22nd November and challenges will be accepted until 23:59 on 29th November.

The Final results of Stage 1 will be published and stickers for Stage 2 /Final will be posted out 29th November.  Stage 2/Final must be shot by 10th January 2022 and the cards received by the scorer by 15th January 2022.

Provisional Results will be published by 18th January 2022 and challenges accepted until 23:59 on 25th January 2022

Final results will be published, and the winners notified following publication..

Should there be less than 26 entrants into the competition, then every competitor will progress to Stage 2, and the score from Stage 1 will be added to the Stage 2 score to make the competition on aggregate.  26 or more entrants will result in the top 20 scores from Stage 1 progressing into Stage 2 which will be a separate shoot, the championship being decided on the highest score on Stage 2.

We look forward to receiving your entries and wish you all good luck in the competition!


Entry for this event is via the GoMembership website  https://nsra.azolve.com/Workbench.mvc/Public/Events?summary=all

Benchrest Peter Mann

Details of the ELEY Finals will be published by close of business this Friday 24th September. Please keep checking the website and social media for updates. We appreciate you bearing with us as the Competitions Team is still part furloughed while servicing the Summer Postal Competitions Programme and launching the Online Results Portal. The latter has also included rolling out much of the training.

ELEY of course are much valued sponsors which benefits everybody involved with ELEY supported events. We totally understand shooters take to social media for a variety of reasons whether they be to express opinions, ask questions and at times vent frustrations. However any unauthorised attempt to use ELEY branding to emphasise a point being made will not be tolerated. Apart from anything else it is illegal. We would like to publicly apologise to ELEY for any offence caused and on behalf of all NSRA social media followers assure them there will be no such repetition.

As always please email any questions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and from next Monday 27th September the Competitions Team will return to full time working for the first time since 20th March 2020.

Saturday 06:45 — The calm before the storm...

Malcolm Cooper Range

Air Range

Good Shooting to all the competitors in the ESSU Championships this weekend.

Due to several competitions taking place at the Lord Roberts Centre, the following ranges will not be available between the 15th and 19th September:

  • The 50m outdoor range will not be available until after 11:30 on Thursday 16th September. It is available at all other times, however please phone/email ahead to book as there will be a limited number of points available.
  • The 25 yard indoor range will not be available on Wednesday 15th September (all day), Thursday 16th September (between 08:30 and 14:30)  Friday 17th September (all day), Saturday 18th September (all day), Sunday 19th September (all day)

The recently refurbished 25m outdoor range is available as an alternative to the indoor 25 yard range for benchrest and standing (sorry, no prone) .22 rim fire and air rifle. Please phone/email ahead to book as there may be a limited number of points available.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Tim Woolford
LRC Manager

Congratulations to Lenny Thompson who has won the Earl Haig Scottish Championship at Denwood, Aberdeenshire. The Final was shot alongside the National/Regional Long Range Rifle competition on 29th August. The competition was not held in 2020 due to COVID restrictions, but Lenny has repeated his 2019 Haig win this year.

The Under 21 trophy went to Lily Brechin based on the qualifier results.

Denwood range
Denwood range Denwood range
Denwood range
Denwood range Denwood range
Earl Haig Troph...
Earl Haig Trophy Earl Haig Trophy
Haig Finalists
Haig Finalists Haig Finalists
Trophies Trophies
Trophies Trophies
A wee dram
A wee dram A wee dram
Group photo
Group photo Group photo
Prize presentat...
Prize presentation Prize presentation
Lenny Thompson ...
Lenny Thompson 2021 Scottish Champion Lenny Thompson 2021 Scottish Champion
Top 10
Top 10 Top 10




The Great Britain leg of the Mayleigh International Postal Competition was last contested in 2017.
This competition resumed as the United Kingdom slowly emerges from the impacts of a global pandemic. For most athletes, this competition was their first opportunity to shoot their cartridge pistols since late 2019/early 2020.

Mayleigh 1

Over the last few weeks we have been delighted to host our GB Paralympic Shooters and Coaches as they finalised their preparation for Tokyo. Well Monday 30th August sees the start of the action and hopefully more medal success.

Click here: https://olympics.com/tokyo-2020/paralympic-games/en/results/shooting/paralympic-schedule-and-results.htm to see the schedule and keep track of the results.

Don’t forget live coverage and extensive highlights of The Paralympics are available on Channel 4 TV channels and online, and BBC 5 Live. We wish our athletes well.

Lorraine Lambert

The stage 1 trial for the 2022 GB Pershing Match team has now been completed. The results are available for download below:

The 2022 Great Britain Pershing Team selection process takes the form of a series of trials. As a result of the uncertainty associated with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the consequent need for flexibility, the Selection Policy is fluid and is therefore subject to change. The dates, venues, and number of competitors involved in each stage may, at short notice, vary.:

  • Stage 1 
    Postal Double Dewar (40 shots at 50metres/yards and 40 shots at 100 yards) shot on any suitable range and on NSRA approved targets. The trial can be shot as two separate Single Dewars on two separate days or as a Double Dewar on a single day. The last day for shooting is Sunday 18th July 2021.

  • Stage 2
    The top 52 competitors from the postal trial will shoot a ‘shoulder to shoulder’ trial on American targets on 18th and 19th September 2021 at Appleton, Cheshire. It is anticipated that the course of fire will be 60 shots at 50 yards and 60 shots at 100 yards on both days; however, this may be amended.

  • Stage 3
    The top 36 competitors from the Appleton trial will shoot a ‘shoulder to shoulder’ trial on American targets on 9th and 10th October 2021 at Sywell, Northants. The course of fire is yet to be determined.

  • Stage 4
    The top 20 competitors from the Sywell trial will make up the cohort of athletes who travel to the USA. This is the maximum number of athletes who will travel to the USA; as a result of several factors, this number could be reduced. The team of ten shooters and two reserves will be selected from the aggregate scores in the ‘Metallic Sights’ championship at the NRA of America’s 2022 National Matches.

The Team Captain may, at his sole discretion, offer places at any stage of the trial to ‘wild cards’. Athletes selected to represent Great Britain in any of the 50m Rifle events at the rescheduled ‘Tokyo 2020’ Olympics will be invited to participate.

This is a very important competition. As always, effective witnessing is paramount. Therefore, during the postal stage, the NSRA reserves the right to appoint a nominated witness for any trialist.

Pershing Trophy

As a result of their success in the 2021 Great Britain Dewar Team Trial held at Appleton Rifle Club on 21st August 2021, the following athletes have been selected to represent Great Britain in the 2021 Dewar Match:

  • Robert Dowling   (MJMRC - Fittleworth)
  • Richard Fowke   (Headley Park)
  • Simon Green   (Appleton)
  • Theo Dodds   (Royal Navy)
  • Kenneth Bowley   (Ruislip)
  • Geoffrey Webb   (Romford)
  • Daniel Lake   (Romford)
  • Wendy Foith   (Bedford)
  • Charles Cooper   (Downshire)
  • David Crispin   (Bookham)
  • Leonard Thomson   (Banff and Macduff)
  • Matt Dixon   (8th Warwickshire Homeguard)
  • Lina Jones   (Bookham)
  • Jane Newing   (Andover)
  • Sue Norman   (Tunbridge Wells)
  • Duncan Farmer   (Havant)
  • Nicholas Clark   (Chippenham)
  • Dominic Cowen   (Shanklin)
  • John Pugsley   (Budleigh Farm)
  • David Swain   (Bedford)


  • James Patterson   (Driffield)
  • Richard Wilson   (Shanklin)

Mike Arnstein – Captain
Paul Duxbury – Adjutant

The Dewar Match is an international postal smallbore prone rifle competition. The course of fire is a Single Dewar (20 shots at 50 metres/yards and 20 shots at 100 yards). The Team shoot the Match together on the same range on the same day.

Dewar Team 2021

Great Britain Dewar Team 2021

Back row (L to R): D Farmer, D Crispin, S Norman, S L Green, D Swain, C Cooper
Middle row (L to R), D Lake, T Dodds, G Webb, L Jones, W Foith, J Newing, R M Fowke, D Cowan
Seated (L to R): R H Wilson, R Dowling, K Bowley, M J A Arnstein (Captain), P C Duxbury (Adjutant), N Clark, L Thomson, M Dixon

Following the Regional Events in the NSRA Long Range Rifle Competition, I am pleased to announce that the following ladies have been selected to represent Great Britain in the Randle Trophy Match, to be fired at Sywell Range on Sunday September 12th.

  • Jane Newing
  • Lina Jones
  • Sue Norman
  • Zara Roberts
  • Wendy Foith
  • Alison Leech
  • Sheena Sharp
  • Kay Copland
  • Lindsay Agates
  • Shannon Davies
  • Jessica Powell
  • Shelbie Marsland

For three of these ladies, it will be a first-time appearance in the team and we congratulate all those selected, particularly in a year which has been so difficult for many.

We appreciate having been offered the use of Sywell Range to fire our 2021 match, and are also very grateful to the NSRA for their generosity in sponsoring the team polo-shirts

Under the NRA of America rules which govern the match, each lady in the team is allowed (and encouraged) to have a personal wind coach, all of whom must also be female.  When the match is fired during Bisley Week, it is relatively easy to find ten ladies who can fulfil this role, but it’s obviously more difficult to do so this year.

So I would like to appeal to any lady shooter to volunteer as a wind coach for one of the team – particularly those from clubs within reasonable travelling distance of Sywell.    This is a very valuable role and one which all the shooters appreciate;  not just for watching the wind, but for many other aspects of the shoot – keeping an eye on the time, spotting shots, maintaining the zero, counting number of shots fired and just being there for support.    I’d love to hear from any lady who feels able to volunteer – please either email me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or ring me on 01271 858859 and I’ll be happy to answer any queries you have.

We wish the team an excellent shoot on September 12th  to repeat our success of 2019.

Two challenge trophies were brought to the 1922 Meeting Prize List by the NRA – the Jaeger Bowl and the Captain Cup – and the NRA generously left both of them on loan with us ever since.

The Captain Cup was awarded in 1922 for an individual competition outside the Grand Aggregate, rather like the Chas Bell Trophy was in 1922 and still is today. The Captain Cup, still linked to the name of “The Astor”, is now given to Class A for Competition 4 of the Aggregate.

The other “miniature rifle” Astor Competition was not transferred into the Meeting until 1925, but also still remains with us. This is the team-of-six competition where Bisley hosts the final, contested by one club representing each County Association.

These two Astor competitions share a special feature. The Bisley Meeting was under the joint auspices of the Society of Miniature Rifle Clubs and National Rifle Association from 1922 to 1938. Thus it is not surprising that NRA medals were given to the award winners in these years.


But the tradition did not stop when responsibility for the meeting passed into the hands of the SMRC alone. Right up to today this tradition remains in place with a number of NRA medals awarded at an NSRA Meeting for two Astor competitions which link the two Associations. Long may this tradition continue.

To receive regular Bisley 100 updates plus entry information please submit your contact details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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