Congratulations to all those who have won something in their discipline.

NSRA competitions have emailed the results to all clubs that entered.

At present because of the demands to businesses the sponsors cannot honour the prizes till February 2022. This is when your vouchers and paperwork will be sent.

With this in mind the NSRA will grant all winners in 2020, 2021 & 2022 their prize collections until Eley final 2022 (Oct 8th & 9th ) because of all restrictions over 2020 and 2021.

Winners in the Eley shoulder to shoulder matches at Bisley and October Finals will be asked to collect their ammo winnings on the day.

If you have entered Eley 2022 Stickers and paperwork are in the post.

Advertise your event

Good news, we will be publishing an Events Calendar for 2022 on the website before Christmas and in ongoing issues of On Target starting with the Winter edition in early January. So if you have an event you would like to promote please fill in the web form with details of what, where and when plus contact information eg email address, website, phone number and contact name. After a difficult couple of years now is the time to bounce back and we look forward to hearing from you.

Stage 3 of the Pershing Team selection has taken place at Sywell Range; the results can be downloaded from the link below : -

Congratulations to the competitors that have qualified to journey to the U.S.A. next year for Stage 4, Team Selection and the Pershing Match.

Steve Downes



NSRA Target Crossbow News

“If you want to practise consistency, this is the sport for you.”

Crossbow Update - No 2

Well that was a long gap. Wondered what happened since the last edition.

Hope you are well and getting the crossbows out of the shed, refletching the bolts and keen to get back into competition.

The Wakefield International Postal Match

The Wakefield Match is an international smallbore prone rifle team competition, which is contested on a postal basis. Teams consist of 10 shooters, 2 reserves, and 2 officials; each shooter is required to fire 60 shots at 50m/yds. 

For 2021, due to COVID-19 once again impacting the competition season, athletes wishing to represent Great Britain in this prestigious competition were required to shoot a postal qualifier, which consisted of 3x40 shots at 50m/yds. 55 athletes entered the qualifier, which was shot earlier this summer, and the 12 highest scoring athletes were selected to form the Great Britain Team.

2022 Great Britain Pershing Team Shoulder to Shoulder Trial (Stage 2)

The Pershing Match is an international ‘shoulder to shoulder’ smallbore prone rifle team competition between the USA and the UK, which is normally held every eight years. Each team has ten shooters, two reserves and several officials. The course of fire is a Single Dewar (20 shots at 50 yards and 20 shots at 100 yards) shot outdoors on American targets. Historically, the Match has been shot at Camp Perry, Ohio. However, COVID-19 permitting, the next time the teams meet will be in July 2022 during the NRA of America’s National Matches, which are scheduled to be shot at Camp Atterbury, Indiana.

Having shot a Double Dewar postal qualifier earlier in the year, 52 athletes were invited to Appleton on 18th and 19th September 2021 to shoot the second qualification stage ‘shoulder to shoulder’, which consisted of two days of intense competition.

Long Range Benchrest Postal Championship

It is with regret, because of lack of entries (only 5), we have decided to cancel the Long Range event.  Entry fees will be returned to those who have not transferred their entry to the Short Range event..

Short Range Benchrest Postal Championships

Entries to this event are also low, however, we have decided run the event with a few changes to the stage dates.

The entry closing date has been extended until 13th October to allow for more entries. If you have already entered please encourage others to do so and of course Competitions can only be viable if enough shooters get involved.

Details of the ELEY Finals will be published by close of business this Friday 24th September. Please keep checking the website and social media for updates. We appreciate you bearing with us as the Competitions Team is still part furloughed while servicing the Summer Postal Competitions Programme and launching the Online Results Portal. The latter has also included rolling out much of the training.

ELEY of course are much valued sponsors which benefits everybody involved with ELEY supported events. We totally understand shooters take to social media for a variety of reasons whether they be to express opinions, ask questions and at times vent frustrations. However any unauthorised attempt to use ELEY branding to emphasise a point being made will not be tolerated. Apart from anything else it is illegal. We would like to publicly apologise to ELEY for any offence caused and on behalf of all NSRA social media followers assure them there will be no such repetition.

As always please email any questions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and from next Monday 27th September the Competitions Team will return to full time working for the first time since 20th March 2020.

A series of images kindly taken by James Meekin
Sywell Range Northampton
Date 11/09/2021
All classes from X A B C D were represented

Saturday 06:45 — The calm before the storm...

Malcolm Cooper Range

Air Range

Good Shooting to all the competitors in the ESSU Championships this weekend.

Due to several competitions taking place at the Lord Roberts Centre, the following ranges will not be available between the 15th and 19th September:

  • The 50m outdoor range will not be available until after 11:30 on Thursday 16th September. It is available at all other times, however please phone/email ahead to book as there will be a limited number of points available.
  • The 25 yard indoor range will not be available on Wednesday 15th September (all day), Thursday 16th September (between 08:30 and 14:30)  Friday 17th September (all day), Saturday 18th September (all day), Sunday 19th September (all day)

The recently refurbished 25m outdoor range is available as an alternative to the indoor 25 yard range for benchrest and standing (sorry, no prone) .22 rim fire and air rifle. Please phone/email ahead to book as there may be a limited number of points available.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Tim Woolford
LRC Manager

Congratulations to Lenny Thompson who has won the Earl Haig Scottish Championship at Denwood, Aberdeenshire. The Final was shot alongside the National/Regional Long Range Rifle competition on 29th August. The competition was not held in 2020 due to COVID restrictions, but Lenny has repeated his 2019 Haig win this year.

The Under 21 trophy went to Lily Brechin based on the qualifier results.

Denwood range
Denwood range Denwood range
Denwood range
Denwood range Denwood range
Earl Haig Troph...
Earl Haig Trophy Earl Haig Trophy
Haig Finalists
Haig Finalists Haig Finalists
Trophies Trophies
Trophies Trophies
A wee dram
A wee dram A wee dram
Group photo
Group photo Group photo
Prize presentat...
Prize presentation Prize presentation
Lenny Thompson ...
Lenny Thompson 2021 Scottish Champion Lenny Thompson 2021 Scottish Champion
Top 10
Top 10 Top 10

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