It is now two years since the sad passing of the Association’s Vice Chairman, Ken Nash. Ken had played an active and important role in smallbore shooting for very many years and in the elected position in the Board of Trustees he was able to help managing the affairs of the NSRA.

In addition to the huge amounts of his time devoted to the Association over the years Ken made a final and significant contribution by means of a bequest to the NSRA. He had, along with his wife Cherry and many other members and affiliated clubs, made loans to the Association to provide working capital. The amount of the outstanding loans he had made at the time of his death was £79,500 and he bequeathed these loans to the NSRA in a final act of generosity.

As it happened 2020 and early 2021 has been an extraordinary year because of the Covid pandemic with shooting cancelled for most of it. This of course has had a negative impact on the NSRA’s finances and so to benefit from such a large donation at this time has been extremely important, turning what would have been a loss for the Group in the year into a healthy profit.

Ken’s bequest is unique because of its size but the NSRA receives donations from its members all the time. They are extremely welcome and very gratefully received. If anyone is considering planning to make a bequest to the Association and needs advice on how this might be done please get in touch with the Treasurer, who will be able to help. (please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Richard Watchorn
Hon Treasurer

Ken Nash

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