At the Shooting Council held last Saturday, 30 January, Mike Arnstein was unanimously elected Vice Chairman of the Association. We would like to congratulate Mike on his election and wish him well as he continues to promote the best interests of the NSRA and the sport of Shooting as a whole.

Mike brings immense commercial and business experience including 30 years as a Drug Development Project Manager at AstraZeneca and 10  years in property refurbishment and development. His core skills include..

  • Project Management

  • Strategic Thinking and Leadership

  • Risk Management

  • Improving efficiency and effectiveness 

  • A passion to represent and promote all shooting sports

To describe Mike as active in shooting would be an understatement and is borne out by some of the roles he currently undertakes. These include Secretary of Altrincham Rifle and Pistol Club, Secretary of Cheshire and North West Region Target Shooting Association and North Wales County Association Secretary. 

So as we are embarking upon another crucial year for the NSRA we are pleased to have Mike’s experience and skills on our side and wish him well in his extended role.


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