We have been receiving a number of calls from shooters who are concerned about the measures that should be implemented at their Clubs but for whatever reason don’t appear to be enforced consistently.

We would remind Club Officials and Committee Members that they have a duty of care to ensure that before they open their ranges for shooting:

  • They have completed the risk assessment.
  • Have put in place measures to mitigate the risks.
  • These measures are in alignment with Government Guidance and the NSRA Guidance that stems from it.

Please make sure people follow the rules and adhere to the measures you have put in place.

This is to maintain the safety of everyone, to control the virus and to help keep us all shooting.

If you have written rules and then don’t follow them it could invalidate your insurance

Also, please communicate the measures to your members. Whilst the majority of committee members will know and understand what is required, many Club members will not have the benefit of the discussions and work that has been done prior to their return to the club. Most people are very concerned about contracting the virus and will appreciate a little help in understanding what is required.  This will ensure safety and help for everybody and boost confidence as we return to our sport.

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