Re-opening of Indoor Shooting Clubs and Ranges

Following the release of the Association’s guidance for the reopening of Indoor Shooting Clubs and Ranges, a significant number of clubs have made contact for further guidance in relation to the ventilation of their ranges.  The issue of ventilation is referenced in the some of the Government’s guidance on the reopening of leisure facilities and links have been provided to other Guidance documents.

It is clear that ventilation needs to be a key element of the Risk Assessment that clubs carry out and any ventilation system should be understood by the range operator or club(s) using a facility. The operation of the ventilation system should comply with the guidance provided by the CIBSE (Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers.  The Institute’s advice is contained is included in the Government guidance found at:


This guidance clearly states that facilities without a direct supply of outside air should NOT OPEN. The guidance recommends that facilities with specialised ventilation systems should seek further advice from the Institute of Local Exhaust Engineers. Information from this body can be found at:


The broader implications of Covid-19 on how a facility operates and is cleaned need to be considered as part of the risk assessment process carried out by a club or range operator. As part of dealing with an identified risk in relation to ventilation, may be managed by allowing ventilation systems to run continually for 24 hours.

Several clubs that have facilities in the basement of a large building have made contact.  These facilities have at worst no windows and doors to the outside or only small windows where ventilation is a problem. In this situation the risk assessment should identify that the risk cannot be managed.  As a consequence the club shod not open.

Where there is ventilation but a risk is identified consideration needs to be given to whether other precautions that can be introduced that ameliorate and reduce the risk to a manageable level.  This includes the use of PPE, face masks etc

Other sources of useful information include the Ministry of Defence and their guidance on the construction, maintenance and use of indoor shooting ranges.  This advice can be found in JSP 403 Volume 2 Chapter 30 the link to which is as follows:


Some commercial companies such as Vent Axia have also developed advice in terms of the reopening of gyms but some of the advice could be applicable to shooting clubs:


All of the advice that the Association has given has been led by the guidance issued by the Government.  The most relevant is the guidance that was issued on 9 July 2020.  The link is:


As already stated it is essential that all clubs carry out a risk assessment in relation to reopening and if a significant risk is identified in terms of ventilation and this risk cannot be managed to conform to guidance the club should not reopen.  For example if a facility does not have a direct supply of outside air.

Download a copy and other COVID docs here:

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