Prone Rifle      
    Men  Elimination 1  Elimination 2  Elimination 3
          Qualifiers  Top 12  Top 23  Top 10
   Qualification & Final  
    Women  Qualification    
 3 Positions    
    Men  Qualification & Final  
    Women  Qualification & Final  


 Home Country Internationals  
    Men Prone  
    Women Prone  
    Men 3 Positions  
    Women 3 Positions  


The Club's 29th Annual General Meeting was held on 18th May 2011 at the Bath Arms Hotel, Cheddar. At the conclusion of business the Club's President, Vera Lee, was invited by the Chairman to present awards to those successful in the past year's Club Competitions.

The Hampshire Smallbore Rifle & Pistol Association summer meetings have been revamped for 2011 with the introduction of X-class and 2 shots per diagram. The English matches are shot on Gehmann boxes and equipment control will be available for the July meeting, which is also an England Selection Shoot. We’d like to encourage new faces to enter these competitions by offering both an introducer and a new entrant 50% discount in their entry fees. Free pairs and team competitions for classes C & D are also new this year.

Entry forms can be downloaded at


With £5, 700 of new shooting kit for the visually impaired, a Pembrokeshire shooting club is proving inclusive by name, inclusive by nature. The Modern Print Inclusive Target Shooting Club in Pembroke Dock received a Sport Wales grant of £4,560 for the new kit to offer more opportunities at the successful club. With members regularly winnng medals, and representing Wales and Great Britain, the club has now sets its targets on forming a visually impaired team to compete against others across the country.

The scores reached via the links below are those as at the close of shooting on Sunday, although some may be subject to confirmation. We regret that we have not been able to post scores on the website as early as we would have liked because of technical and staffing reasons.


 British Open Championships
 The principal Air Pistol Championships are held on Saturday and the Air Rifle Championships on Sunday.
 Air Rifle  Men  Women  Junior Men  Junior Women
   Qualification  Qualification  Qualification  Qualification
   Final  Final  Final  Final
 Air Pistol  Men  Women  Junior Men  Junior Women
   Qualification  Qualification  Qualification  Qualification
   Final  Final  Final  Final
 Masters (Over 50 years)  New competition in 2011, held on Friday.  Air Rifle & Air Pistol
 Disabled   Air Rifle SH1  Air Rifle SH2  Air Pistol SH1
   Qualification  Qualification  Qualification 
   Final  Final  Final
 Other Championships      
 Sporter Air Rifle Standing  Shot Friday to Sunday.
 British Disabled Prone Air Rifle Championship  Shot Saturday.  
 British ISSF 10m Air Pistol Five Target Championship  Shot Friday to Sunday.
 British ISSF 10m Air Pistol Standard Championship  Shot Friday to Sunday.
 British Confined Championships
 Air Rifle    Men  Women    
 Air Pistol  Men  Women    
 Open Championship Aggregate    
 Interim scores posted Friday and Saturday evenings. Full provisional results posted Sunday afternoon.
 Air Rifle  Comp. 6  Comp. 7  Aggregate Comp. 8  
 Air Pistol  Comp. 26  Comp. 27  Aggregate Comp. 28


 Home Country Internationals  Air Rifle  Air Pistol   
 Inter-County Competitions  Air Rifle & Air Pistol  
 Club Competitions  Air Rifle  Air Pistol

Courses run by External Bodies

There are many generic courses run by external organizations which can be of benefit to shooting clubs and their volunteers. The following are amongst the organizations which run such courses, with links to further information about them.

To see our Autumn and Christmas special offers click here.
To see our latest special offers click HERE.

Ellon SBRC, Aberdeenshire, held a successful 'Formartine 800' 50m shoot at the Methlick outdoor ranges on Saturday/Sunday 15th & 16th May 2010 with individual entries from many of the local Clubs and some individuals travelled great distances to attend - the weather was extremely good on both days andthe catering, as usual, was superb.

The competition next year will be held on Saturday/Sunday 14th & 15th May 2011 - open to all (NSRA Affiliated Club Members).

Rifle Club ends season on a high note

The 2009-10 winter season finished on a series of high notes. Club Captain Jan Phelps won the Dorset County Individual Ladies title for the second time and she also won the Veterans title, beating several International shooters in a hotly contested competition. John Henderson has qualified to shoot in the shoulder-to shoulder shoot-off for the Dorset Short-range Championship.

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