On 20 April the Jean Allwright Trophy final was held at the range of Basingstoke (1945) Rifle Club.

This prestigious competition is held annually and this year a record total of 38 teams entered from all over the South of England, with each team consisting of three shooters.

Four teams qualify for the final, which consists of a shoulder-to-shoulder series with each team shooting against each of the other three teams. Points are awarded if the team achieves a score higher than their team average.


For the first time since the competition started, Basingstoke won through to the final and were in unbeatable form winning the competition with a new record score.

It was also rewarding for the Basingstoke club that Andrew Glen, pictured with the trophy, has only been shooting for a year - an excellent start to his shooting career.

 Basingstoke    51 points
 Portsmouth    38 points
 Hampshire Scouts    34 points
 Box    18 points

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