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We are pleased to confirm Bisley Sports Wholesale is open Monday - Friday 09.00 to 17.00. Mary Pearse is based in the office each day but in the event she is on a call or with a customer please leave a voicemail. Mary will call you back and please note enquiries can also be sent by email
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
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Following a number of requests and with fuel shortages still an issue for some we are pleased to confirm a two week extension to the last Shooting Date for all Postal  Competitions until 25 October.

One of the benefits for the 1922 shooter was that on Running Deer there was plenty of room just behind the firing point to park a car. So a very short walk with a canvas rifle bag, scope and mat, and not much else, and you were ready for business.

On the other hand we are talking of 1922 when relatively few shooters enjoyed the luxury of having a car. Instead there was that great British asset of the time – an extensive rail network. Brookwood Station is, of course, a mile away from the camp, but for the duration of the July shoots there was the added bonus of The Bisley Bullet. For just a few old pennies, a shuttle service brought you direct to the Camp Station, now the Lloyds Bank RC clubhouse.

We would like to thank our partners at Bluefin Sport for developing a new insurance micro-site which is now live.

NSRA Bluefin Sport Microsite - Insurance Zone

Our aim is to provide you with a comprehensive and easy to use one-stop-shop for all your insurance questions and queries. If you can’t find the information you are looking for then please use the Contact page to find out the information you require. We hope you find the new micro-site helpful and informative and a welcome new addition to our Membership Services.

The Wakefield International Postal Match

The Wakefield Match is an international smallbore prone rifle team competition, which is contested on a postal basis. Teams consist of 10 shooters, 2 reserves, and 2 officials; each shooter is required to fire 60 shots at 50m/yds. 

For 2021, due to COVID-19 once again impacting the competition season, athletes wishing to represent Great Britain in this prestigious competition were required to shoot a postal qualifier, which consisted of 3x40 shots at 50m/yds. 55 athletes entered the qualifier, which was shot earlier this summer, and the 12 highest scoring athletes were selected to form the Great Britain Team.

2022 Great Britain Pershing Team Shoulder to Shoulder Trial (Stage 2)

The Pershing Match is an international ‘shoulder to shoulder’ smallbore prone rifle team competition between the USA and the UK, which is normally held every eight years. Each team has ten shooters, two reserves and several officials. The course of fire is a Single Dewar (20 shots at 50 yards and 20 shots at 100 yards) shot outdoors on American targets. Historically, the Match has been shot at Camp Perry, Ohio. However, COVID-19 permitting, the next time the teams meet will be in July 2022 during the NRA of America’s National Matches, which are scheduled to be shot at Camp Atterbury, Indiana.

Having shot a Double Dewar postal qualifier earlier in the year, 52 athletes were invited to Appleton on 18th and 19th September 2021 to shoot the second qualification stage ‘shoulder to shoulder’, which consisted of two days of intense competition.

The Competitions Team are pleased to announce the publishing of two important and much awaited sets of results:

  1. The NSRA/ELEY 2021 Stage 1 Results (version 2.0) confirming those shooters who progress to the Postal Final

    The ELEY 2021 Postal Final will be held on the same course of fire as Stage 1, to be shot by Monday 1st November 2021. Stickers will be in the post to all Finalists by close-of-business on Wednesday 29th September.

  2. The Confirmed Final Results for the BOAG 2021 Postal Competition

    The qualifier results for the BOAG competition, the NSRA Competition Results and the Sporter Rifle Results have all been uploaded to the NSRA website as well.

Thank you to all entrants in both competitions for your continued patience and support of these competitions throughout the most challenging period we have experienced.

Sandra, Lyndeen & Steve

We promised to publish the details of the finals by Close of Business today, however there is a totally unexpected delay.  

A competitor’s original cards were lost in the post (proof of posting was obtained) and subsequently a fresh set of stickers was sent to the competitor.  

The cards have been re-shot and were posted first class to the scorer.  These have yet to be received by the scorer as at 17:00 today, 24th September.  

As soon as we have these scores we will be in a position to publish and announce the finalists.

We are sorry for the delay, however this is due entirely to something out of our control and hope that you will be patient for a little longer.

Steve Downes Shooting Manager

Long Range Benchrest Postal Championship

It is with regret, because of lack of entries (only 5), we have decided to cancel the Long Range event.  Entry fees will be returned to those who have not transferred their entry to the Short Range event..

Short Range Benchrest Postal Championships

Entries to this event are also low, however, we have decided run the event with a few changes to the stage dates.

The entry closing date has been extended until 13th October to allow for more entries. If you have already entered please encourage others to do so and of course Competitions can only be viable if enough shooters get involved.

Following on from the problems experienced with the 50m EST's at the recent ESSU Championships the NSRA has formed a working group with representation from both 50mrifle and pistolshooting 'users' and the ESSU. The purpose of the 'working group' is to assist the NSRA with improving the reliability of the existing Sius Ascor EST's. A number of changes have already been made to the targets on one bay of the LRC 50m range and reliability appears to have improved, however it is 'early days' and more testing is being carried out. 

Details of the ELEY Finals will be published by close of business this Friday 24th September. Please keep checking the website and social media for updates. We appreciate you bearing with us as the Competitions Team is still part furloughed while servicing the Summer Postal Competitions Programme and launching the Online Results Portal. The latter has also included rolling out much of the training.

ELEY of course are much valued sponsors which benefits everybody involved with ELEY supported events. We totally understand shooters take to social media for a variety of reasons whether they be to express opinions, ask questions and at times vent frustrations. However any unauthorised attempt to use ELEY branding to emphasise a point being made will not be tolerated. Apart from anything else it is illegal. We would like to publicly apologise to ELEY for any offence caused and on behalf of all NSRA social media followers assure them there will be no such repetition.

As always please email any questions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and from next Monday 27th September the Competitions Team will return to full time working for the first time since 20th March 2020.

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