• From 22 September, owners of certain firearms previously regarded as antique will require a licence
  • Changes will protect the public by making it harder for criminals to get their hands on firearms
  • It follows the introduction of the first legal definition of antique firearms

Owners of certain firearms previously regarded as antique will be required to obtain a licence following a change in the law, which comes fully into effect on the 22nd of September.

The changes are aimed at protecting the public by making it harder for criminals to get their hands on these types of weapons.

Earlier this year, the Government changed the law to introduce for the first time a legal definition of antique firearms.

From Wednesday, 22nd September 2021, owners will require a licence to own any firearm not meeting the criteria. Due to their use in crime, seven cartridges that previously appeared in the Home Office’s guidance were not included in the new legal definition. This means all firearms chambered for use with these cartridges will require a licence from the 22nd of September.

The UK has some of the strictest gun control legislation in the world and comparatively low levels of gun crime. These changes will help to further restrict access of criminals to firearms and better protect the public.

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Staying safe online

These days, it is almost impossible to live life “off grid”, unconnected to the Internet. Many essential services require you to interact with online systems, from “Making Tax Digital” to renewing your NSRA membership. Even when there is an alternative paper- or phone-based system, your details will probably end up in an online database sooner or later anyway. Internet-connected databases are constantly being probed by automated programs looking for vulnerabilities that can be exploited. A whole new business of Information Security (InfoSec) has arisen to address and minimise the risks posed by these attacks, and it is thankfully very rare for the security around a database to be breached. However, when it does happen, the consequences can be severe.

First and Ground floor ranges - 4th/5th September 2021
Due to the British Pistol Club Championships taking place, the following ranges will not be available over the weekend of 4th and 5th of September:
  • First floor Indoor 10m electronic ranges
  • Ground floor indoor 25 yard range
  • Ground floor outdoor 50m range
  • Outdoor 25m range 
In order to setup the 50m outdoor range, it will close early at 3pm on Friday 3rd September.
First and Ground floor ranges - 11th/12th September 2021
Due to the English Small-bore Shooting Union Championships taking place, the following ranges will not be available over the weekend of 11th and 12th of September:
  • First floor Indoor 10m electronic ranges
  • Ground floor indoor 25 yard range
  • Ground floor outdoor 50m range
  • Outdoor 25m range 
In order to setup the 50m outdoor range, it will close early at 3pm on Friday 10th September.

The NSRA considers the banning of lead ammunition a considerable threat to the sport of target shooting.

We are gathering evidence to support the use of lead ammunition and have been working with other organisations to obtain the data necessary to underpin the argument.

A paper is being produced that looks at the requirements of the sport and the major issues that would be created by the removal of lead ammunition, based on several key areas: 

  • An accuracy comparison of lead and lead free projectiles that basically looks at the inadequacy of those currently available, analysing the grouping capability, relating it to score and comparing it with current performance levels of shooters. This obviously has a major effect on competition and the performance pathway, turning competition in all events into a lottery.
  • The ballistics of lead and lead free projectiles and the effects on the ability to compensate for conditions, again turning competition into a matter of chance.  Also the impact on disciplines like field target where the ballistic inefficiency would make it virtually impossible to compensate for range and wind deflection.  
  • The recovery rates of lead in target shooting and the fact that it takes place in very specific areas and most of it is collected and recycled. 
  • The effects of the increased noise generated by the lightweight, high-speed lead free bullets –particularly on outdoor ranges in urban areas.
  • The cost and availability of lead ammunition in comparison with substitutes and its effect on the ability to participate in what is the easy access end of shooting sport.

We understand that the banning lead ammunition would severely curtail a sport that is accessible to all. We will be making sure that the decision makers know that people; regardless of ability, age, gender and background, can take part in target shooting and that their access to sport will be severely reduced, with negligible gain to the environment.

Once produced, the NSRA will share this document with all organisations to help them produce a response in their own context.


Almost eighteen months ago, the NSRA announced the need for “Organisational Change”, an agenda that the Association remains committed to, despite the COVID-19 pandemic. At the outset, it was explained this was a necessary process to ensure, as your NGB, we are fully fit for purpose and well equipped to address the challenges and demands our sport faces in the future.

Throughout the process, our efforts have been and will continue to be geared towards delivering a significantly improved service to all our affiliates, which you will have noticed from some of the new technologies we have recently deployed and changes in management personnel and approach. Apart from an enhanced user experience new technology has enabled the NSRA to become a more efficient organisation. Consequently, this has necessitated a review of the job roles we need to continue to ensure our user’s needs are comfortably met while maintaining all existing operational functions.  The outcome of this is a new organisational structure, which will be published shortly following final confirmation of the job roles.

As part of the changes, we have regrettably had to make a small number of job roles redundant. This in no way is a reflection of the individuals concerned and the contributions they have made. Far from it, as the Association would like to place on record our deep appreciation for everyone’s service and hard work. However, the decisions concerned are necessary for us to modernise and secure a bright future for the NSRA. We will of course support those employees concerned in their search for new employment.

As we move forward, we will keep all our members and affiliated clubs and associations updated about the changes we are making. Of course, if there is any further clarification or information you require, please contact us. All the main contact details can be found on the NSRA website.

 Phil Pride
 Dave Froggett
 Joint Acting Chief Executive Officers 


Over the years that our National Rifle Meeting has been held at Bisley, the number of challenge trophies contested there has grown steadily from the fourteen awarded in 1922. At the 2022 meeting there will be something in the region of 120 on offer, from the British Individual Championship and International Team Matches, to the component parts of the Championship Aggregate in all five classes, not to mention the myriad other county and club team and individual competitions available over the eight days of shooting.

The presentation takes place on the 50-metre firing point in Lord Roberts Centre. With so many trophies to distribute, a fair amount of space is required to seat the recipients and onlookers. It also means you need to allow well over an hour to see the whole ceremony, even with the speeches being kept to the bare minimum.

The trophies come in all shapes and sizes - cups and shields abound, but there is also a biscuit barrel and a samovar, not to mention the Wilkinson Sword. All on a table that is 22 metres long!

To receive regular Bisley 100 updates plus entry information please submit your contact details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Trophy Table

We know how much the Ammunition Shortage is hurting and we are doing everything we can to secure stocks. Please bear with us as we make every effort to find you alternatives if we can’t offer you your first choice.

www.nsrashop.co.uk E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. T: 01483 485511


Repairs are now well underway to the canopy over the firing points on the 25m outdoor range at the Lord Roberts Centre. The range (2 banks of 5 turning targets or 4 banks of 5 static targets) will be back in service and available to book from early September. Telephone 01483 485522   Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

25m range repair

This is an important message to let you know your savings platform, NSRA Rewards, is going to be temporarily unavailable on 17th, 18th and 19th August while we carry out some essential maintenance work. During this time, you won’t be able to log in to www.nsrarewards.co.uk or access your Vectis Card on the 'Vectis Card' app.
We are very sorry if this causes any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding while the platform is unavailable.
The good news is the maintenance work will only take a few days so NSRA Rewards will be back up on the morning of 20th August! From then, you will be able to log in to www.nsrarewards.co.uk and access your Vectis Card on the app as normal.
Many thanks,
The NSRA Rewards Team

chris lacey 2The NSRA Shop is delighted to confirm that for the latter stages of the Imperial Meeting, Chris Lacey will be based in a “pop up” workshop located in the NSRA Shop from Saturday 24th July – Friday 6th August (excluding Wednesday 4th August) opening at 08.00 – 19.00 each day. Chris is a Certified Engineer in the service and repair of Gehmann, Walther and Feinwerkbau as well as servicing many other makes and models. So if you are in need of advice, investigation and possible repair then please call Chris on 01483 485509 during the opening hours detailed above. If Chris can help he will so why not take advantage of this excellent opportunity during the next couple of weeks.

The Summer 2021 issue of On Target magazine will be coming to members very soon...

  • Long Range Rifle Competition Launch
  • Paralympics An update on Team GB's road to Tokyo
  • Seonaid McIntosh Preparing for Tokyo - Exclusive Interview

and much more...

 On Target Cover

Members of the Team GB squad pictured with me, from left to right Lorraine Lambert, Ryan Cockbill, James Bevis and Matt Skelhon.
New Centre Manager of the Lord Roberts Centre Tim Woolford talks about his shooting experience and increasing activity within his new role.

I've recently joined the Lord Roberts Centre at Bisley as the Centre Manager.

Its been a very busy first few weeks for me as the centre reopened and we welcomed visitors back, but with COVID-secure restrictions still very much in place.

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