The NSRA puts shooters first, including those members of our community who are disabled. We are proud to shoot alongside members with disabilities while promoting and protecting their shooting rights. As one participant put it at British Shooting’s ‘Disability Shooting Taster Day’ at Bisley: “It is a sport for all in that anybody, any ability, any disability, any age, there are no boundaries.”

It’s a goal of ours to not only ensure that disabled shooters can participate in our meetings, events, and venues, but that they can excel. That’s why we’re pleased to share this exciting accessibility initiative:

Funding Sports Equipment for Disabled Children

Do you have any disabled young people in your membership who would benefit from specialised sports equipment?

Caudwell Children’s Trust has partnered with the Edward Gosling Foundation to match funding opportunities available for sports equipment for disabled young people. They believe chair and equipment costs/accessibility issues often prevent young people from being as active as they’d like to be. These children may need support and extra funds to engage in their chosen sport.

For young people to be eligible for this funding:

  • They must be aged under 25 years.
  • They must have a family income of less than £45,000 gross, excluding benefits.
  • They must have legal residence in the UK.

If you know someone who would benefit from accessing this resource (or you would like to learn more yourself) please visit the websites linked above or see the official flyer.

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