At the EGM held on 30th April 2022, amendments to the Articles of Association were considered and approved unanimously. The new Articles came into immediate effect and can be seen HERE.

The purpose of the amendments were to enable the Association to make greater use of internet technology in two areas. The first group of amendments allow official notices to be issued by electronic means, such as email or posting on the website, in addition to the existing methods, such as publication in On Target.

The second group of amendments allow General Meetings to be held in one of three ways:

  1. As a physical meeting, where all participants are present at a specific venue at the same time;
  2. As a virtual meeting, where all participants take part via an electronic platform; or
  3. As a hybrid meeting, where participants can choose whether they take part via an electronic platform or are personally present at the meeting venue.

Whilst the new Articles of Association mean that all future General Meetings could be attended online, the initiation of virtual or hybrid meetings is dependent on further actions being completed to the satisfaction of the Board of Management. These are the establishment of arrangements which allow online meetings to be conducted securely with only eligible members able to take part, and creating an electronic voting system that is secure and accurate in recording the votes of the members participating online. Work on establishing these arrangements is ongoing, but bearing in mind the complexities of the NSRA’s voting procedures, it cannot be guaranteed that they will be completed in time for the Annual General Meeting later this year.

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