The Association’s AGM was held on Sunday, 12th December at Aldersley.

Inevitably attendance at the meeting was small, though the required quorum was met.

Many members who might have attended may have chosen not to do so because of the high current level of Covid infections, in some local areas being in excess of 600 infections per 100,000 people. However for the very first time, those who did not wish to attend, or could not for other reasons, were able to follow the proceedings on Zoom. Although they were unable to take an active part in the meeting, as our current Articles of Association require all participants to be present in person, they did have the opportunity to vote in advance by submitting a proxy voting form.

On this occasion, the number of members observing the proceedings via Zoom was about 17, but the Board of Management expects that numbers will grow, particularly if those online are able to participate in full, including casting their votes on the various resolutions. This will be an important innovation for the future and plans are well advanced to amend the Articles of Association to allow this to happen.

The four resolutions considered at the AGM were all approved. They were:

  1. To receive the Report of the Board of Management and the Statement of Accounts to 31 December 2020 – passed nem con;
  2. To re-elect Richard Watchorn as a Treasurer – passed unanimously;
  3. To elect Ian Burton as a Board Member – passed nem con;
  4. To authorise the Board of Management to appoint the Auditors for the ensuing year and to determine their remuneration – passed nem con.

Here are the minutes of the meeting in full:

Minutes of the 117th Annual General Meeting of the
National Smallbore Rifle Association held at
the NSRA West Midlands Shooting Centre, Aldersley, Wolverhampton WV6 9NW

Sunday 12 December 2021 at 12:00

The Chairman of the NSRA, Mr J Lloyd, opened the meeting at 12:00.

The following members of the Board of Management were present:

J Lloyd (JL)
Chairman (& representing Kilgetty 177)
M J A Arnstein (MJAA)
Vice Chairman (& representing Altrincham RPC)
R V Watchorn (RVW)
C E Blow (CEB)
Board of Management (& representing Gainsborough RPC)

The following Life/Annual Members were present (club/county representation in brackets):

V Blow, C Dunnington (Crewe), D Froggett (Senior Management Team/Joint Acting CEO), R Hemingway,
P Holdstock (Cheadle & County of Lancaster), B Lee (Aldershot RPC), S W Morgans (Goodyear RC),
D Poxon (Northants, Leicestershire & Rutland), J Walker and M Willcox (City of Birmingham & Staffordshire).

There were 17 observers via Zoom.

Apologies were received from:

J Brakewell (Blackburn), M Chapman (BoM), R Dowling (BoM), S Favell, M Guille (BoM) and R Heath (Market Drayton).

JL welcomed the attendees and indicated that 2020 had been a challenging year for the NSRA with a reduction in staff including the retirements of I Root (CEO) and D Fuller (Deputy CEO) in early 2021. However there have been increases in efficiency which, as far as we can tell, are being received favourably by the membership.

The Board of Management have met regularly via Zoom at least once per month with some directors meeting on a weekly basis as we drive forward to a brighter future for smallbore target shooting with the NSRA.

The Association is actively seeking another treasurer in order that Richard Watchorn may retire in a couple of years, maybe! The Board are also actively seeking new candidates with the appropriate skill sets to complement existing members.

With 14 life/annual members present the meeting was declared quorate.

1.     To receive the Report of the Board of Management and Statement of Accounts to 31 December 2020

RVW hoped that all present had seen the accounts which were published on the website. There was a profit of £60,500 due to a bequest from a deceased member compared to £54,500 in 2019. RVW asked for questions rather than run through the accounts in too much detail.

Proposer: C Dunnington

Seconder: J Walker

JL asked for a show of hands at this stage and there were no abstentions or votes against.


2.     To elect two Treasurers

Mr R V Watchorn retires in accordance with Article 28A of the Articles of Association of the NSRA.

Proposer: D Poxon

Seconder: R Hemingway

There was a unanimous vote in favour.


3.     To elect Mr I Burton in accordance with Article 26E of the Articles of Association of the NSRA

Proposer: J Lloyd

Seconder: R V Watchorn

There was a unanimous vote in favour.


4.     To authorise the Board of Management to appoint the Auditors for the ensuing year and to determine their remuneration

Proposer: R V Watchorn

Seconder: C E Blow

At this point Mrs V Blow called for a poll to be taken.


The votes counted by MJAA and D Froggett were checked/witnessed by D Poxon.

The results were as follows:

Votes For
Votes Against

JL announced the result of the voting.

JL thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting at 12:15

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