At the 1922 Bisley Meeting there were a total of 14 challenge trophies on offer of which five were for team events, including the Bovril Shield for the Home Countries International and the Queen Alexandra Cup. Both started their lives at the 1907 SMRC Meeting at Southfields and both will be fulfilling the same purpose at the Bisley Meeting of 2022. Each has now been contested over 100 times.

However several of the trophies are even older and five date back to the SMRC’s first ever meeting at Crystal Palace in 1903. The Nestle Cup is no longer with us, as it was passed on to the London County Association in 1926. Two others were lost in 1941 during the blitz – the Longstaff Cup and the Mappin & Webb Shield, though the latter was kindly replaced by the company and is now awarded for the Women’s Home Countries International at the Scottish Meeting. The Rucker Cup is also now awarded at the Scottish Meeting to the winner of the Junior Individual Championship.

That just leaves the fifth, the Regiment Cup, presented by the proprietors of The Regiment. This cup will be contested at Bisley 2022 where it has been on offer annually since 1947 in a competition for women. It is currently given to the leading lady in the Championship Aggregate.

As a trophy with a history as long as the Association itself, and a direct link with our first meeting at Bisley, the Regiment Cup is perhaps one of the trophies most deserving of a concerted effort to win by every lady competing at Bisley 2022.

Regiment Cup

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