Tunbridge Wells Borough Council has submitted planning permission to build luxury houses on Tunbridge Wells Target Shooting Club's range - thus closing it down. The deadline is 9th July to lodge objections, and the club desperately needs your help.

We need to lodge over 100 objections by 9th July in order to have a chance of being heard.

Please could you take 5 minutes to lodge an objection to the loss of yet another shooting facility?

  • The council is supposed to offer us an alternative location, but they have not.
  • We are the second biggest shooting facility in Kent, and the loss of our club and our facilities would have a significant impact on shooting in Kent.
  • We are the venue for open shoots on a regular basis.
  • We are the training ground for national-level shooters, both senior and junior.

To lodge an objection, go to https://twbcpa.midkent.gov.uk/.../applicationDetails.do...

You first need to register, and then you can log in and lodge your objection by clicking on 'make a comment'.

Thank you.
From the whole of TWTSC, Thank You.

About Tunbridge Wells Target Shooting Club

Tunbridge Wells range

We are not 'just a shooting club'

We are the second biggest club in Kent, in terms of range facilities (10m air range, 20yd .22 and black powder, 25yd .22 prone, 50m prone, 100yd prone) as well as in terms of membership (currently, post-covid, around 120 members).

We are active at grass-roots level in bringing juniors and seniors alike into shooting sports and developing their skills through coaching to whatever level they want to take them, from hobbyists right up to international competitors.

We are the training venue for members of Kent's county teams, both senior and junior, in multiple disciplines (.22 prone, air rifle).

In the 2019-20 winter season we had 17 of our members representing Kent as members of county teams: 8 in senior county air rifle teams, 4 in junior air rifle ( one was also in a senior team), 3 in senior .22 prone team, 3 in .22 prone reserve teams.

In 2019 we were the home club and training ground for one particular member who went on to be British Champion (amongst other titles) that same year.

Also in 2019, one of our junior members travelled overseas as a member of a GB junior team, and was subsequently selected for GB representation at a second event the following year.

We are the training venue for national-level shooters who would not have won multiple national competitions if it were not for the availability and unique nature of our club facilities.

We are the training venue for juniors competing at national and international level in .22 prone and in air rifle.

Our range is not just used by our own members; it is also the outdoor shooting venue for two schools.

We have disabled shooters amongst our members; they shoot alongside their able-bodied club-members as equals – very few other sports are as egalitarian as shooting.

Similarly, parents compete with their children and grandchildren as equals.

We are unique in Kent in our wide range of facilities that exist side by side; we actively encourage our members to be knowledgeable in multiple disciplines.

We are a competition venue – competitors travel from across the South East and beyond to compete at our events. In 2020 we were one of only a very small handful of venues across the UK mainland who were able to successfully run covid-secure open competitions.

We are the venue for our County Championship competition.

We are the go-to facility for members of smaller clubs who are not fortunate enough to have facilities such as ours; we actively support other clubs who benefit from our resources, be they physical resources or the extensive knowledge-base of our members.

There are no other facilities in the immediate area that offer what we have.

We are not 'just a shooting club'

Please help support us by lodging an objection to the proposed building of houses on our range. Go to https://twbcpa.midkent.gov.uk/.../applicationDetails.do...

register, then click on 'add comment'. Please use any or all of the above data, but in your own words!

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