The NSRA represents around 900 clubs which cover a diverse range of disciplines. The clubs all have their own “character” and most members and committee members put in an inordinate amount of work to maintain them. Across these clubs some are mainly focussed on recreational shooting. However, others have a more competitive focus and aspire to enrol, nurture and prepare high quality competitive shooters – many of whom aspire to represent their county, region or country in high level competition.

At the NSRA we receive a great many enquiries from people wanting to find a club in their area. The majority of these are new to shooting and really don’t know (or only have a vague idea) which discipline they wish to try. However, we do get enquiries from people who want to compete from the start and aspire to Commonwealth Games or Olympics or just to be, “…the best they can be…” Clearly, if this latter group are directed to a club that has a sole purpose of recreation, shooting non-ISSF disciplines or has no facilities or coaching available for these disciplines then sending them to these clubs would not be suitable and could result in them not taking up the sport. Further to this we often get current shooters who would like to join another, more competitive club to be with like-minded individuals, appropriate facilities or good coaching.

Aside from this, other external organisations are interested in the development of performance shooters and wish to establish a clear pathway from induction into the sport to performance level shooting. These can be anything from Counties looking to develop a quality County Team, through Regional Squads on to Home Country and British Shooting Squads. Clearly a Performance Club has a role to play in not only developing and preparing shooters for this performance pathway but also providing a focus for these organisations to find talented shooters and help them move on to higher levels. This isn’t a one-way track as the Performance Clubs will develop a relationship with these external organisations and gain benefits from networking, coach development opportunities etc. that will further enhance what they can provide.

To service the needs of these enquiries and to support the Performance Pathway the NSRA has set up a scheme of benchmarking that clubs can engage with to receive the title of NSRA Performance Club.

What is a Performance Club?

A Performance Club is a club with an ethos of competition and shooter development. It will have good facilities appropriate to ISSF Disciplines, have a reasonable level of equipment available for use, provide competitive opportunities, have qualified instructors and coaches and be connected to other organisations involved in the pPerformance Pathway.

What’s in it for the club?

  • Status and recognition
  • Increase overall performance level of the club
  • Status helps to support grant applications etc.
  • More appropriate membership enquiries/more members
  • Performance Clubs will be of great interest to contacts/networks of outside agencies (e.g. Regional Squads British Shooting etc.)

How do we apply for Performance Club status?

  • Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details of the criteria your club will need to meet, and the application form
  • Fill in the Application
  • Assemble a portfolio of evidence to match the criteria
  • Send in the application form and evidence by email to:
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you don’t meet the criteria we will help put together an action plan to help your club get there.

We will require a brief yearly update on activity at the club and a 3 year report on activity to renew.

Performance Club Certificate Your Club Here 01

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