Several months ago we launched the first stage of a Membership Consultation Process. This was intended to share ideas with you about how we should respond to the challenge of becoming a National Governing Body that is fully fit for purpose and capable of leading you and our Sport in meeting the demands of the 2020’s and beyond. Our success in doing so will enable us to do so much more as an Association. Originally launched as the Membership Transformation Project it was a genuine attempt to start an ongoing conversation. This eventually would lead to an implementation phase but only with the support, understanding and goodwill of the majority of the NSRA Membership.

Clearly we were unsuccessful in establishing this fundamental point at the outset and as a result our efforts have been seen by many as a fait accompli with the outcome already decided. This is a result of our failure to communicate clearly enough and to ensure our key messages were not open to misinterpretation. As your National Governing Body we wish to apologise for this and the disappointment and negative reaction this has caused amongst some clubs and individual members. It is not the fault of any one individual and we remain determined to get it right. After all there is no bigger challenge facing the NSRA than protecting the interests of existing Members and attracting new ones. However in doing so we must be brutally honest in our recognition that the planned Consultation Process must be directly linked to the need for fundamental organisational change.

So with this in mind we would like to set out our exact approach, the likely timescales involved and the objectives we are looking to achieve.

  • The information circulated to date and additional information that will follow in 2020 and 2021 is for discussion and consultation only. Yes we may adopt some of it at a later stage but only with your support
  • There will be a comprehensive Membership Survey published later this year and any implementation will not be before January 2022
  • Another essential part of the Consultation Process will be a series of Roadshows and Forums to be held around UK and online. These will take place at regular intervals during 2020 and 2021.
  • The major emphasis will now be on why and how we need to change as an Association. When we say becoming fit for purpose we mean being the most effective representative you could have to promote and protect your interests as Shooters. This starts at grassroots and will work its way right through to the corridors of political power. So whatever the issues of the day may be eg lead in ammunition, 11/4 Exemption Certificates, Medical Certificates and FAC Licensing, Airgun Licensing and Public Perception and Political Positioning we need to be in your corner and making a real difference!
  • On 2 February 2020 we held a Q&A Session at Aldersley which proved helpful and constructive for everyone involved. A key highlight for the Board was to gain a better understanding of the diversity of shooting disciplines we need to support and promote. While for Club Representatives who attended it was genuinely felt clarity, context and reassurance concerning our Consultation Proposals had been provided. Details of forthcoming sessions will be published shortly and we will literally be covering the whole of UK.


In the meantime we will welcome any comments, observations and ideas you would like to contribute and you can do so by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. You are guaranteed a prompt response from a relevant member of our and your team.

The process we have outlined is also designed to underpin and deliver several key strategic objectives crucial to the future of our Sport. The other advantage of undertaking the Consultation is it will enable all of us to refine and develop our key objectives. So although by no means definitive here are some examples of existing strategic objectives plus others we need to address.

  • Increase our Membership through more effective recruitment and retention
  • Improving Members’ Benefits and the value for money they offer
  • Reinvestment in grassroots shooting with key focus on introducing and recruiting young shooters who will be the very lifeblood of our Sport’s future
  • Developing and promoting all our shooting disciplines so we are seen as a genuinely representative and diverse “broad church”
  • Recruiting and appointing key Development Officers so we are not just a “broad church” in name only
  • Changing public perceptions and breaking down barriers which act as obstacles to recruitment for our Sport
  • Perpetual improvement of Membership Services including an online Membership portal for registration, renewal, competition entry, latest news and membership offers
  • Protecting Shooters’ interests and repositioning the Sport towards the mainstream
  • Re-defining and developing the respective roles and responsibilities of the Board of Management and our Executive Team

The key role Members have within this process is to bring sharper definition and cutting edge to our future goals and plans while helping identify other key priorities and the best means of addressing them.

There is much work to be done and as we redouble our efforts we cannot stress strongly enough our desire to work with you and for you. In doing so we aim to win the back hearts and minds of those who have recently had reason to question our intentions. In time we will become the most effective National Governing Body there can be to represent the interests of Shooters individually and collectively. We have a dedicated team at Bisley who are also committed to making this happen and this release is a new first step towards achieving our goals.

Please look out for regular updates and interactive forums on our website, social media and On Target. Thank you.

Iain Root

Chief Executive Officer – 12 March 2020

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