Notice of Cancellation:

Having considered the developing situation with regard to Coronavirus we have decided it is important to take a sensible approach and cancel the Shooting Council Meeting planned for Saturday 28th March 2020.

As you are aware things are changing on a daily basis. Having monitored all of the information made available by the Government and key agencies such as Public Health England and the World Health Organisation, the Association feels

that it needs to respond to the increase in the numbers of confirmed cases and the belief that the virus will now spread more significantly. The position of the Association also follows the change of phase in the Coronavirus Strategy where the emphasis is on delaying the spread of Coronavirus rather than trying to contain it. Limiting travel is a key part of the “Delay Phase”.

Hopefully as the situation becomes clearer over the next few weeks, we will look at potential dates for the meeting to be rearranged but in the context that we have a meeting already arranged for July and it would be somewhat counterproductive to have two meetings in close proximity to each other.

Iain Root

Chief Executive Officer

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