The NSRA acts as “sponsor” for people wishing to bring their firearms to mainland Britain to shoot in NSRA events. The Association administers the applications in conjunction with Surrey Police who issue the Visitor’s Permit.

Due to issues involving visitors to Britain in other Police Authorities, there have been some changes to the way the Police are administering this service.

The principal change being the need for visitors to include the address where they are staying whilst in Britain, not the sponsor's address as done previously. The new guidance has been issued by Surrey Police first, as they deal with the most Visitors’ Permits, but will be rolled out nationwide by other forces.

The guidance includes:

  • All information must be supplied to the Sponsor (in this case the NSRA) to whom all enquires will be directed.
  • If you are resident in another EU State and have a European Firearms Pass this must be submitted. Copies of the EFP are acceptable.
  • A copy of any current Firearms Certificate, permit, European Firearms Pass, hunting license or membership card of a nationally recognised shooting organisation issued to the applicant in their own country will help prove a visitor’s fitness to hold a firearm.
  • If your country has no licensing system, a letter of good conduct from your local police may be required.
  • The verification by the NSRA of the event to be attended will normally satisfy the Police that you have “good reason” to have a Visitor’s Permit.

If you have previously held a Visitor’s Permit the important changes to note are:

  • You must include the actual address where you are staying on the application not the sponsors address.
  • If you are travelling around or are staying in more than one place all addresses must be given.
  • If you move, or return and stay at a place other that the one on the certificate, you need to inform Surrey Police in good time of the:
    • Certificate number
    • Previous address on the Certificate
    • New address where you will be staying
    • Dates, from and to, of your stay at the new address

If you need a Visitors Permit or more information get in touch with the NSRA on;

Tel: 01483 485504 or via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Application forms will be emailed out to you.

Due to the time it takes to administer the process, please return your application and supporting information to the NSRA a minimum of 12 weeks before you need the Permit. This is particularly important if the application is for a group of people. If the application is received after this period the NSRA cannot guarantee you will receive your permit in time.

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